Third Time's a Tamale

Thursday is halfway over! We’re getting closer and closer to Friday – can you tell I’m excited? I have a very fun weekend planned and can’t wait to finally share it with all of you!

Lunch today is more of that tamale casserole – I did add a little color today with some coriander seed and parsley.

tamale1Some leftover zucchini and broccoli

veg2And an apple

appleBalanced meal? Happy belly.

So, I’m doing Rose’s 15 MMC and am loving it so far! Are you doing it? I’m hoping to take a walk outside this afternoon since it’s so nice and probably do some other things in my office.

What are your best “office exercises” if you have any? I’m going to need to make a list soon and just keep it up in my office.

So far I’ve done:

  • Side leg lifts (while standing)
  • Wall push ups
  • Calf raises
  • Rag doll stretches
  • Seated stretches, neck rolls, shoulder rolls
  • “counter dogs” a la Polly (watch her morning yoga video)
  • walking around the building more
  • up/down the stairs a few times before actually coming back to my office

I’ve been thinking of bringing in a beach towel to have in case I have time to do one of Polly’s 10 minute videos or other short videos at work. I wanted to bring in my yoga mat, but they’re so loud when you’re rolling them out and back up!


  1. I love doing yoga stretches (esp. downward and upward dog) in my office!

  2. Mmmmm, I’m drooling over your lunch!

  3. gahhhh…want that lunch! tamales = yumminess!

  4. i love hearing about everyone’s office exercises! there’s no privacy in my office, so i try to content myself with using the stairs instead of the elevator. i’m on the 4th floor, so it’s just enough to give my legs a burn without making me swear off stairs forever.

    every time i see that tamale casserole, my tastebuds start doing jumping jacks.

    i can’t wait to get the scoop on your weekend plans!

  5. That lunch looks so good I want leftovers like that!
    I’m doing Rose’s challenge as well, I love any excuse to get up from my desk unfortunately all I’ve done is go for walks around the building, i need to switch it up a little!

  6. I must say, you totally deserve a gold star for creativity. I can’t wait to incorporate your moves into my routine!

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