No Pain, No Gain?

Today was a doozie of a day. Thankfully, the meal was cooked when we got home! I honestly wasn’t even going to blog tonight since Lost is on, but it’s a recap show so, what the hay.

We had BodyPump after work and it was killer. I did 20 lbs on the squat and back/hamstrings track tonight!!! That’s the most I’ve ever done in this class – I can’t believe I did it! It was hard to get through the tracks, but I was able to show Nick my cute little elbow sweat droplets after the squat track  :) I was bustin’ butt tonight – literally! ha

We had to go back by Nick’s office after class so he could get a paper submitted and we ended up not leaving town to head home until 8 pm! We got home at 8:30, I hopped in the shower and we just finished eating dinner. Have you ever gotten so hungry that your stomach feels like it’s eating itself?  That’s how I felt – I could feel my belly “chomp, chomp, chompin” in there, looking for something.

My crockpot meal turned out pretty good, but I think I would make it following the actual directions (no crockpot) next time. The flavor was great – I think the consistency would be better done on the stove. Maybe a weekend meal another time? I got this recipe from Spiceaholic, who sent me the Panch Puran spices used in the dish in my BSI winnings.

Spiceaholic’s Achaar Gosht


We had ours with some couscous mixed with canned/diced apricots (too offset the hot serranos in the beef dish!) and some roasted zucchini.


I LOVED the spices in the Panch Puran mix – it had such great flavor. I can’t wait to find other recipes to use this spice mix in. Thanks again Spice  :)

My belly is still wanting something, so I may have a glass of cold chocolate milk before bed.

I hope you’ve had a great humpday!!! Here’s hoping tomorrow is a little more normal  :)


Oh yeah! I did my 15MMC! Today I:

  • used the bathroom downstairs instead of the one around the corner (that means a couple extra times of taking the stairs)
  • side leg lifts while washing/drying my hands in said bathroom
  • “counter dogs” a la Polly’s kitchen yoga video
  • calf lifts at the vending machine – I got Nick some Reese cups  :)


  1. I really need to get a crockpot! That looks amazing!

  2. That looks awesome!! I love all the colors/textures. I say my stomach is eating itself ALL the time!!!

  3. Your food looks delicious!

    You make me really miss my body pump classes :) My new gym doesn’t have them! Great job on the 20 pounds! Those squat tracks were always killer!

  4. Woo! That’s a good 15MMC. :)

  5. Yay! I’m glad you tried the recipe out! I’ll have to come up with some more recipes that use panchphoran. :)

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