Manic Wednesday?

Well, at least it’s humpday.

First my contacts burned my eyes and it took 3 tries to get them to stay in my eyes.

Then, when we were about 2 minutes from work, I realized I didn’t turn the crockpot on! Dagnabbit. I dropped off Nick at work, took my stuff into my office, got back in the car and drove 30 minutes back to my house, flipped the switch, and drove back to work. And it was snowing on the drive there and back! What is going on today?

At least we won’t come home to find a raw dinner in the cold crockpot. I’ve done it before, so at least I remembered early today.

Even with all the mishaps this morning, the day is going pretty well at work and I got some very exciting news today – Nick’s dad ordered our plane tickets for Honduras so we are definitely going! I cannot wait. I’ll have more info about the trip as it gets closer, but I really cannot even explain how excited I am about our trip. We went 4 years ago, and we’ve been waiting to get back there ever since.

Lunch today was a repeat of Monday – we still have tons of the tamale casserole left! You may be seeing it again.


Sorry it’s not the prettiest dish, but it tastes sooooo good.
I also had a salad with romaine, corn, tomato, and avocado.


Plus a huge orange I sliced up last night.


Don’t forget! Erin’s Bake Sale is going on until 5 pm tonight!

I feel like this week is just weird with me forgetting stuff – maybe I’m just super excited about my awesome weekend coming up?  Yes, that’s a teaser. You’ll have to wait to find out but it is going to be great! Lots of fun stuff and fun visitors!

Hope you’re having a LESS manic Wednesday  :)


  1. Hang in there, dear Brandi!

  2. So sorry about you manic humpday! At least you remembered that you forgot to turn the crock pot on how disappointing would have been to get home and it wasn’t cooked!
    Hope the rest of your day goes by stress free.

  3. mmmm…tamale casserol, I haven’t made that one in a while!

    SO excited for the weekend!

  4. Honduras!! I’m so jealous!

    Ugh. When the day gets off to a rough start, it puts me in a mood that can be hard to shake. I’m sorry you had a bumpy morning. I’m also sorry about the snow! What in the world is going on? It was freezing here this morning, but the weekend is supposed to be quite warm. I guess we’ll see…

  5. snowing??? It’s almost May! that’s awful

  6. OOOHHH sooo exciting about the plane tickets!!!!!

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