The Anatomy of a Truffle

I think this may be my favorite thing to do! Reviewing and taking pictures of chocolates is my total dream job.

How can you go wrong with such a perfect subject?

After our lunch date the other day, we stopped into The Chocolate Spike to get a few treats. I decided I needed to try their Easter truffle before it was gone…and I’m very happy that I did.


This was a coconut creme filled truffle with a dark chocolate shell, coated with coconut shavings and few little Easter sprinkles. So festive!

As soon as I took this one out of the package, all I could smell was coconut. I could not wait to cut into this.

I was expecting the inside to be a chocolate ganache filling, like their other truffles, with coconut flavoring. I was very surprised to see this when I cut into it!


I think they should have a coconut truffle on the menu at all times. This is probably one of my favorites – the dark chocolate was the perfect complement to the sweet coconut flavor, but nothing was overwhelming.

Another great creation! Now I just have to figure out which ones I haven’t tried yet!


  1. Yum! I can’t wait to go to the Chocolate Spike!

  2. That looks divine!

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