Has Spring Finally Sprung?

Happy, happy Friday night! I am so happy it’s the weekend – and we finally have some great weather!

Today was absolutely beautiful: clear blue skies, green grass, temps in the 60s with a slight breeze.

One of our friends and a group of his friends brought over their instruments (guitars, fiddle, mandolin, banjo) and played outside during lunch, so we sat and ate while we listened them play. It was such a nice lunch break, just sitting in the sun and listening to them play songs. I did not want go back in to my office after lunch! 

I packed myself a chicken salad and spinach wrap


Some baked kettle chips


and some cantaloupe and pineapple – yeah, it’s still going! I still have about one more serving of each.


Of course, after sitting outside at lunch, this afternoon just draggggged by in the office. It took forever to hit 5 pm!

One of the best things about today is that it was finally nice enough to go running! I feel like it’s been raining here for about 2 weeks straight. Nick and I came home, changed clothes and left for our run. We ended going about 2.7 miles on one of our normal routes. It was just nice to be outside today.

speaking of running, today’s was pretty good and I think I realized something pretty important about myself. I started to get a side stitch about halfway through the run, but I focused on my breathing and just focused my thoughts on that spot and it eventually went away! It was bad for a minute, but as long as I can keep my pace about normal and focus on my breathing, it seems like I’ve figured out a way to calm them down and make them leave me alone. Before I started to really focus on them and on my breathing and using my breath to get rid of them, they would get so bad. I think a big thing for me is that it’s more mental than anything else. Yes, it hurts to breathe and move when I do really have a bad side stitch, but when I would get one before, it’s like my mind would say “oh, there’s another side stitch…it’s going to so horrible in a minute…it’s not going to go away”. My breathing would get worse, which actually made the pain worse, and it was just this big bad cycle. It’s just like I would kind of freak out in my head if I felt ANYTHING painful at all, which just made it worse. I’m hoping that focusing on my breathing and using that energy to try to keep myself from freaking out and thinking it’s going to be worse than it is will really help. anyway – I’m just pretty excited about it! I am really hopeful about having some great runs without any pain. And I actually feel like that can happen now!

After we got back and showered, I cooked this quick and spicy meal.



I baked some salmon topped with salt, garlic powder, ancho chili powder, and smoked paprika -I am definitely doing this again! Those spices were delicious on the salmon.

I also roasted some asparagus with the salmon, and cooked some “spanish” brown rice with tomatoes and peppers.


Random Fact of the Day: I love, love, LOVE college football…almost a ridiculous amount. I’m actually watching a College Football Live special on ESPN as I’m typing this  :)  I cannot WAIT until the season starts again!!! I was so sad the day of the national championship because I knew I would have to wait 7 months until I saw another game.

After this special is over, I think we’re putting in Slumdog Millionaire, and I’ll probably be having some popcorn   :)


What’s YOUR random fact for today? It can be anything!


  1. Hooray for spring!!

    Love your fact :-) Mine = I miss Peanut Butter M&M’s.

  2. Oh, I still need to watch Slumdog Millionaire!
    And delicious eats! I love salmon!

  3. Love those kettle chips! Still have not seen that movie! me and Sharon must be the only ones!

  4. Spring has sprung here too! Ia m so happy about that.

    Random fact: I am allergic to bentgrass.

  5. Oh, I got so hung up on thinking of a random fact I forgot to say: Hooooray for breathing through the side stitch. Sounds like a good plan and I really hope that it works for you!

  6. Ohh that pineapple just screams summer! Yay! =) My random fact is that I am obsessed with animal print. Anything–zebra,giraffe,leopard. I have a giant collection ranging from gloves, purses,clothes, etc. =)

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