Oatbran's New Job

I loved reading all your baking/cooking flops! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who ends up with totally unedible stuff every now and then   :)  I made my first layer cake for Nick’s birthday a few years ago and it tasted great, but was crooked. Eh – can’t win them all!


After talking to Beadie yesterday, I knew I needed to try this for breakfast. I would have never thought to have oatbran in a more savory breakfast!


Eggs and oatbran instead of eggs and grits. This is great! 1 serving of oatbran has a better nutritional profile than the 1 serving of grits I usually have, and it basically tastes the same – just a little “wheatier”. Great idea Beadie! This will be in my normal rotation from now on.

I also had half a sliced apple and a few strawberries on the side


Plus some milk



What’s your favorite food combination that most people would think is strange?

This egg/oatbran is my new one, for sure.


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  2. Hmm… well I love salsa on everything – does that count?? :-D

  3. I put sour cream on a lot of stuff…It’s a culture thing, I can’t help it!

  4. Weirdest combo? Get ready to get grossed out but I love pb and bacon (turkey bacon of course) I only let myself have it once a year because I know it’s horrible for you!

  5. Pickles & peanut butter, tuna with mayo dumped into veggie soup….those got me some weird looks over the years. :)

  6. MMmm, love everything!
    And weird combos? Hummmmm…

  7. Hi there! I’ve just stumbled upon your lovely blog and have enjoyed taking a look around :-)

    Eggs and oatbran actually sounds really good… that said, I don’t know what grits are… I’m guessing they are a uniquely American food?

    My weirdest food combo… hmm… I really like toast/wraps with banana and avocado. I’m not sure if that’s weird? It’s definately darn tasty!

  8. PB and Orange Juice! Not together but one right after the other (while I’m eating oats with PB on the spoon, I’m sippin’ on some OJ – so good to me).

  9. Your oatbran looks yummy, and the fruit is beautiful!

    I’m not sure I have any weird food combo favorites. Is a pixie stick and Cap’n Crunch sandwich weird? Ok, I’m joking, of course. That’s just the sandwich from the movie, “The Breakfast Club,” and I swear I’ve never tried it.

    I like fried okra dipped in ketchup. Is that weird? :-)

  10. Glad you liked the oat bran and eggs! It is my new favorite breakfast for sure!

    I used to eat PB, banana and mayo sandwiches. Does that count?

  11. I really like to eat Ranch soy chips with my PB&J sandwich at lunch- it’s my go-to work lunch… it sounds like a weird combo, but it’s really good!

  12. In earlier days I would have PB & J with lettuce on toast, weird but good, at least the lettuce was healthy, have not had one in years

  13. peanut butter, miracle whip, and dill pickle sandwiches, or cheese and peanut butter sandwiches. DELISH!

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