Operation Tea is In Effect!

How is your Tuesday going? Mine is okay, but it is so gloomy again! It’s raining and gray, and that makes me want to go home and get in my sweatpants.

Since we didn’t have time to make coffee at home this morning, I dug around in my tea stash at work and found this:


This tea was great, and I didn’t miss my work coffee one bit. I’d say the first official day of operation no-more-just-okay-coffee was successful!

Lunch today was more of my one pot wonder


Plus some steamed veggies with garlic/tomato seasoning


And some of my cantaloupe and pineapple


I’m glad I packed such a colorful lunch today, because the day is drab enough on its own. At least the bad weather will make for some good relaxing tonight – I definitely won’t be headed outside if it stays like this today.

What your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

I love being able to just lounge around and watch movies or play games in the house. Too bad that’s not a good excuse to miss work!  :)


  1. Love that tea! Also love tha TAZA Chai!

    I love snuggling up at watching movies or rocking out on guitar hero ;)

  2. My Tuesday’s busy.

    Rainy day = dance parties in my kitchen, with my iPod stereo :-D

  3. Oh I’m having a rainy day here too and all I want to do is get into bed and read or watch romantic comedies. I’m such a girl.

  4. It is rainy and gloomy here too. I love cuddling on the couch with my DH and kitties :)

  5. Great job with the tea challenge!

    I gotta say movies or board games for rainy days.

  6. normally i’d work on a rainy day…unless it was today w/ tornado warnings! not good when you’re out on a lake in an airboat! haha! otherwise…rainy days call for BAKING!

  7. I love the color in your lunch as well, how balanced!

    On a rainy day, I love to cuddle, read or watch a good movie with a hot cup of tea :)

  8. I know, this weather sucks!

    Favorite rainy day: snuggle with my hubby while watching movies and eating popcorn!

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