Fruit Is Love

I know, I know – this is supposed to be a breakfast post! I just noticed something funny last night when I went to take my bath.

Apparently, I like fruit scented stuff and stuff made from fruit.


Avocado (and oatmeal!) face mask, strawberry daiquiri bubble bath, and tangerine/grapefruit body scrub, which is amazing! It’s made with sugar and coconut oil and my skin was super soft last night. Plus, it smells so bright and citrusy.

After a long Monday filled with emails, approval letters, errands, and laundry, I was ready for some pampering last night.

And Angela, you should be proud! I started my new tea adventure off the right way last night with a cup of Bedtime Story tea – one of my favorites!


 Yes, my love of peppermint comes through my tea choices, as well. This one is really good, and I love the bags. They’re so fancy.


Okay, now on to breakfast! I was talking to Beadie yesterday and as soon as she said she’d had eggs for breakfast, I had decided that’s what I was having this morning.

I had my usual eggs and grits


Plus some more fruit love in the form of strawberries, some tasty blackberries, and 1/2 banana I split with Nick.


And the obligatory cup of milk. Mm…I love milk.



Are you a coffee or a tea person, or both? What’s your favorite coffee / tea?

I didn’t think they could co-exist, but I really do love both coffee and tea. Sometimes, nothing beats a cup of freshly ground coffee, but there are some teas that are just as good or better!


  1. I’m like you! I love both coffee and tea. I love to drink coffee while I’m working or studying or stuff like that, but love tea when Im relaxing and reading a book, etc. It all depends on my mood!
    btw, those eggs…mmm…runny, just the way I LOVE it! never throw away the yolks, they are the best part I say! (unless hard-boiled, eeew!)

  2. Lovely products!!

    I don’t drink coffee OR tea.

  3. I’m a much bigger tea person but I do enjoy the occasional cup of coffee. I have to be careful with the coffee though. If I start drinking it regularly I get totally addicted! No good! :)

  4. I drink both but lately have been drinking much more coffee.

  5. I am totally both a coffee and tea person. I LOVE a good cup of coffee in the morning but sometimes, I love to curl up with a cup of hot chai or some fruity tea.

  6. I need to drink tea, I’ve never really liked it but I’m sure if I gave it another try I would.

  7. Thanks for the shout out. It’s funny, because I gave you a similar shout out this morning :)

    I drink both. A lot of both. Right now, I am hooked on raspberry tea.

  8. I loooove super-strong black tea (like Earl Gray or English Breakfast) and looooove espresso!! Too bad they both make me a little crazy . . .

  9. I’m definitely both…but at different points of the day. I love my cup of coffee in the morning. I usually get Maxwell House, but I recently received a coupon for a bag of Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s quite good! For tea, I love my Oregan Chai tea concentrtate. I mix it with skim milk. I love having it warm or cold. It’s like a Starbucks treat =) I also love my chamomille teas, but I can only drink those if I’ve finished all that I need to do for the day. Otherwise I’m useless. Have a great Tuesday =)

  10. Love the abundance of fruit =)

    I LOVE coffee. Sometimes it’s bad…i just can’t get enough!

    Your savory breakfast looks delicious!

  11. Oh wow, those products are awesome!!! mMMmmmmm fruits. LOL

  12. I’m a tea person. I drank coffee on a regular basis only for a few months several years ago and then one day just decided not to drink it anymore because I don’t need it. I’ve never been “addicted” to coffee. I’ll have a cup every once in a while just for fun or as a “treat” but I drink three or four cups of green tea a day. I normally get organic decaffinated green tea by Clipper but the organic shop I get it at don’t have it right now so I’ve tried some of their other green teas. My favorite right now is green tea with ginseng. It smells sweet like candy and tastes like it too!

  13. Coffee by a mile. I only drink tea when I’m sick.

    I love Ethiopian coffees.

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