Day of Operations

Well, the rain let off for a little while on our way home from work, but it’s been pouring ever since. I know we still need the rain here, but I am getting really excited about the beautiful weekend we’re supposed to have!

Operation Tea seems to have just invaded my day – it’s unstoppable!


I got a fat free steamed milk while we were out at lunch so I could make my own “tea latte” in my office. I just added this Chai tea bag and let it sit for a few minutes before enjoying. It was really nice on this cold and drab afternoon. I LOVE tea steeped in milk, so I’m hoping I can remember to start doing this on my own more instead of paying so much for a cup of steamed milk  :)

With my “latte”, I finally broke into this bar I got in my Secret Blogger V-Day package!


I know, it took me forever. I guess I was just saving it for the perfect day.



I had about 1/4 of the bar and it was the perfect little accompaniment to my tea – this chocolate is very dark, which I love. I can’t wait to have more!

Dinner tonight was based on a recipe from Eating Well for Beef & Cabbage Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce, but I made a few changes.


  • I used chicken instead of beef
  • I only used 2 Tbsp pb, 1 tsp sugar, and added 1 tsp hot chile garlic paste to the sauce
  • We put ours on brown rice and had edamame on the side


I love the spicy kick from the chile paste with the peanut butter – I think I would actually add more next time! The sauce was really good, and it would work well with any protein in this dish (beef, shrimp, tofu, etc).


Why the Day of Operations you ask?

– Operation Tea instead of Crappy Coffee started today and has been going great! I may even need to buy more tea at some point – that will take a while, though. I have a lot to get through  :)

– Operation Lawnmower was successful! Nick went this morning once he dropped me off at work and we are now the proud owners of a brand new lawnmower! Exciting, huh?

– Today is actually a very special day. Nick’s Dad (of Bob’s Breakfast fame) is having his 2 year heart-iversary today. He had emergency open heart surgery 2 years ago today, and I am so happy he is here to tell the tale of that crazy day and week. You can read more about what happened here. I just wanted to say that we love you and are proud of you and can’t wait to see what comes next!


So….that baking project I was going to tell you about? Eh. Not so much. It just didn’t turn out well. I may try that recipe again with some tweaks, but it wasn’t good enough to share. Oh well. The good news? I just took out another baking project, and I have a feeling this one will be great. I’ll wait until Nick and I try them to make sure they’re good enough to post, but they smell pretty darn good right now.


What’s your Biggest Cooking/Baking Flop?

This last baking project wasn’t horrible, but the flavor just was not at ALL what I imagined. The texture was good, but nothing else really. I hate to throw stuff away, but I knew we wouldn’t eat these and I didn’t want to give them to anyone else, either. I also tried making this lemon pasta dish one time that just did not turn out at all. Even if we don’t really care for something, we usually eat it that first night, but neither one of would eat the lemon pasta dish. I’m not sure if the recipe just wasn’t a good one or if it was me….but ick.


  1. I answered your question in my first Q&A session, on my blog :-D

  2. That chocolate looks so good.

    The first year I was dating Bill I decided to make him lemon bars for his birthday. I really wanted to impress him, and I knew they were his favorite. I used salt instead of sugar.

  3. I love your tea latte idea! I’ve never tried making those myself but I love the ones I’ve had from Starbucks.

    My biggest cooking flop was when I tried to make gnocchi from scratch. The recipe started with shredding a bunch of potatoes, which would form the gnocchi pieces. Basically I never got past that part. It turned into a soggy, starchy mess. Now I rely on restaurants for good gnocchi! :)

  4. tea is a necessity on a rainy day! My FIRST baking flop was when I was nine and was making bread by myself. My dad insisted that using olive oil instead of butter would be fine, they turned into breadsticks instead of being a nice loaf.

  5. I once bought this chocolate organic cake mix to make for a party and it turned out SO HORRIBLE for some reason…I could only salvage crumbs from the pan…I just ended up buying cookies…hahah

    I’m glad operation tea is going well :)

  6. That Dagoba chocolate is some of my favorite!
    One time, i went to make muffins, and used 4 Tbsp. baking soda instead of tsp…ew

  7. Oh wow, I totally want to try that chocolate!!!

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