Caffeinated Decisions Are The Hardest

How is your Monday going? Mine is okay – busy! I’ve been the only one in my office all morning, so it’s been eerily quiet. I think I hear people coming back in, so I guess it won’t be so empty in here after all.

It’s supposed to be gross and rainy here again, but it hasn’t started raining yet! I’m holding out hope that I’ll get to run when I get home, but we’ll see what Mother Nature decides to do this afternoon. I like running when it’s cloudy and overcast – it keeps me nice and cool. But I’m not a huge fan of running when it’s really coming down outside. A little drizzle is nice – pouring is not so fun.

The last 5K I ran in October was the worst. I mean, it was good since I set my latest PR, but it was pouring the entire time. Every time I took a step, I had water sloshing out of the front of my shoes. Fun, except for the fact that my contacts almost came out of my eyes a few times during the race  :)

Lunch today was a hot  mess – literally!


I had some of my leftover one-pot wonder with some extra veggies (green beans, corn, and broccoli) thrown in. Definitely not the prettiest or the most photogenic, but she gets the job done.

I also packed some of the cantaloupe and pineapple I cut up yesterday.


Nice, balanced, and colorful lunch!

I made a decision this morning – and this is big.

I am not going to have coffee unless it is made at my house or another family members house OR unless it’s really good, quality coffee. As I was drinking my freshly ground Kona coffee brewed in our French Press this morning, I decided that it’s not worth it to me to have “okay” coffee at work just to have coffee. Our coffee at work isn’t bad, by any means, but it’s not freshly ground Kona or made in a French Press. You just can’t beat it!

Nick and I don’t always have time to make coffee each morning, but that’s okay. I have tons of tea at work that will be fine in its place – and hey! Maybe I’ll actually begin to make a dent in my lovely tea collection that often gets left by the wayside if coffee is an option.

Is there something you HAVE to have and possibly compromise quality just to have it?

I won’t drink coffee that’s just gross to me, but I think I can handle having tea instead of coffee when it’s not as good as homemade.


  1. Hang in there with the busyness!!

  2. I’ve only had one cup of coffee in my life and that was a few months ago. I just never got into the taste of it.

    My sister was like “why don’t you try a starbucks, frappa, cappa, whatever.”

    Why would I starte a $3-4 a day habit when I don’t have the habit right now??

    I think that’s a good choice for you. I sometimes wish I liked coffee just for the caffein!!

  3. Your hot mess looks delicious to me! I’m the same way with coffee – I will not drink crap. I much prefer making coffee at home (but that might be because Starbucks doesn’t have sugar free vanilla Coffee-Mate) :)

    Have a good week Brandi. What kind of PURE bar would you like to try? I’ll mail one to ya.

  4. That’s a great idea, I try not to get coffee out as well, mostly for money saving reasons!
    Your lunch looks fantastic!

  5. Oh my gosh, your hot mess looks delicious!

  6. Your tea stash gets layed to the wayside for coffee….!?!?! Gasps…what a crime! hahah

    Sorry Ive never drank 1 cup of coffee, can you believe it? I guess I just don’t get it. I love my tea! My family never drank coffee growing up. I love it in baked goods oddly enough though!

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