Another Man's Treasure

We went to 3 or 4 antique stores today that are right around the corner from my parents’ house, mainly to look for one of those old coffee grinders. We found 4 or 5, but some weren’t in good condition. Nick decided on one, and I can’t wait to get it home and make a pot of French Press coffee after grinding it in this antique grinder. It’s really neat.

I saw some really cool old kitchen cabinets – one had a flour sifter built into one of the drawers! I’ve also decided that I need to start collecting old food tins. I saw some old Quaker oat canisters, Hershey’s cocoa, Quaker corn meal, coffee tins…they were so neat! I need shelves or something that  I can put them on – that may have to wait until we have our next house  :\

It was really beautiful this morning, but it just started drizzling a little bit. The boys are hoping it passes over soon so they go for a ride on their motorcycles – it’s a good thing the girls’ favorite activity is shopping! We don’t have to worry about the rain  :)

My mom made some chicken salad yesterday for us to have for lunch today. She made hers with diced up rotisserie chicken (yum) with apples, grapes, celery, and some pecans.



I had some chicken salad with a slice of tomato, plus some pretzels and strawberries.



It was nice, light-er lunch, and I’m glad! We’re going out for dinner to this Italian place that my parents have been telling us about, so I’m sure dinner will be good but big. Apparently, this place has awesome garlic knots that we have to try – I’m not gonna argue with that!


I think the girls are about to go off for a bit more shopping before we come back and get ready for dinner.


Do you collect anything?

I haven’t bought anything recently, but I do have a lot of “I Love Lucy” stuff: some of the Barbie Dolls, a lamp, the tin wall posters, an old Cadillac car with the logo, mugs, purses, video tapes with the episodes, etc. I know there are a few dolls I don’t have yet – I guess I’ll need to get them soon!


  1. I collect old tins! DH’s dad built us shelves over the casing of doorways in our house and that is where we display them. I have stopped buying more though because we are just out of space for more. One day, I hope to have a house where the cabinets are open at the top so I can collect more!

    I also collect Wheaton glass bottles which were made by the factory that my great grandfather worked in. The are beautiful colors and feature famous presidents and other important figures of history on them.

  2. I LOVE antique stores!!

    Do I collect anything?? Haha, what DON’T I collect, is more like it ;-) I collect snow globes, keychains, postcards, coins, clocks, trinket boxes…

  3. I collect tins…but no antique ones yet. I just keep food or candy tins that look nice. I have a peppermint bark one and a Fire Lime Cookies one. Right now I’m using them for jewelry. I’m sure when I live in a real apartment I’ll have better uses for them. I also collect coffee mugs! I love coffee….so naturally I like to enjoy the mugs I drink it from =)

  4. Um collect? I have a huge stash of stationary items, if that counts as collecting. LOL.

  5. I wish i collected something, but i dont’ :\

    fabulous lunch – loving the strawberries

  6. Antique stores are so much fun! I don’t really collect anything but those old tins sound like a good idea.

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