Road Trippin'

This week is coming to an end…I can feel it. I’m ready for the weekend!

My fighting breakfast actually held me all morning, so I guess war zones are beneficial sometimes.

Lunch today was an amalgamation of leftovers in the fridge and it was tasty.

I had some leftover whole  wheat pasta, some of my endless roasted cauliflower and broccoli (can you believe it’s still not gone?), and my leftover steak from the other night. I added a little soy ginger salad dressing, plus a few spears of asparagus.


Mm…I wish I had more pasta/steak leftovers so I could have this tomorrow, too! It was good and colorful with lots of textures and really filling.

I’m working on this orange right now – super juicy


If you can’t tell already, Nick and I are gone a lot on the weekends. My parents are about 6 hours from us, and his are only 2.5 hours. Needless to say, we get to visit them a lot, which we love.

The only thing I hate is the actual driving/riding in the car and having to pack/unpack, plus the rush once we get home and have no food in the house, etc.

The best things we try to do are:

  • pack the night before
  • make a list of everything we need
  • pack some snacks/drinks in the car for us so we don’t have to get anything at a gas station or fast food place unless we’re desperate
  • get gas/cash before we leave, if needed
  • try to make my grocery list/meal list for the next week during the weekend so I know exactly what I need when we get back

What are your best road trip tips?


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  1. Great road trip tips!! Mine = overpack (works for me, haha).

  2. that leftover lunch combo does look tasty!

    my best road trip tip is to take the bus in order to catch up on sleep, haha :-)

  3. mmm your lunch looks tasty!
    best tip = just relax :)

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