Back to Basics

Dinner tonight was great, but all my other plans got changed – busted! I feel like Tina and Mal the other night.

This afternoon, I snacked on  the last of my biscotti bites – these are so good! Thanks again Sarah!



So, the plans for tonight started out like this:

  • run
  • eat leftovers
  • pack for our trip

Somehow, this is what we ended up doing:

  • picked up a few groceries
  • grilled burgers for dinner
  • packed a little
  • possibly baking later?

Even though I wasn’t expecting this much of a change in our plans, it’s been a nice night. I wanted to go to Kroger tonight to get a few things on special this week before we left town. Of course, once we went in there, Nick saw the bison and we decided we wanted burgers for dinner. Since we got home later than normal after getting groceries, we decided to go running tomorrow instead so we could eat dinner before 8 pm.

And I am glad we decided to make burgers!


Or should I say, Nick decided to make burgers. He makes the best burgers! I can’t give the recipe, because I honestly don’t know what all he puts in there – but they’re good  :)

We also grilled some zucchini and some potatoes seasoned with garlic powder and smoked paprika – we love this stuff.



I’m off to finish watching The Office (does anyone know why it’s on at 8 tonight instead of 9?) and pack.


Do you like having and keeping plans? Or do you “fly by the seat of your pants”?

I’m a pretty big planner – I make lists for everything and usually stick to the plans we have. But it is fun just throwing those plans out the window sometimes  :)


  1. Yum – delicious dinner! Looks almost like the dinner we just finished. I have enjoyed reading your blog – I’m completely new to blogging, so I’m having so much fun checking out the amazing selection of food blogs! Thanks for sharing!

  2. yay biscotti bites!! so glad they’ve been enjoyable :-)

    i am a crazy planner like you … and, left to my own devices, i’ll stick to my plans like glue. the rest of the world doesn’t always agree with them, though, so other people send things off course often!

  3. I’m a big planner too but plan changes sometimes are good! Spontaneity usually leads to good times :)

    TWO episodes of the Office! Yay

  4. I’m definitely a planner – but tonight we felt like going out for ice cream, which I didn’t plan for calorically, but it was fun and worth it. :)

  5. Um, I’d say I am a planner from time to time… LOL

    But oh wow, DELICIOUS EATS!!!

  6. Your grilled zucchini looks great – I need to try that. I like having some plans, but having some time left over for spontaneity!

  7. With food, I go through phases of being a big planner and not. But with our social calendar, I am a huger planner. We had out August vacation booked in January.

  8. Ohh! Dinner looks good!

    I like to have loose plans that can easily change. When my plans are too set in stone, I get more upset if they change. It’s come back to bite me several times. So I don’t have as great of expectations any more :)

  9. Burgers are SO good and satisfying! Yum!

    I’m not much of a planner by nature, although I can be if necessary. I don’t always like the feeling of being locked in to a plan.

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