Striped Plate Special

Sorry for the quick post – I woke up pretty late so I am rushing around this morning.


I had a striped plate special this morning!

Scrambled Eggs, Potato/kale hash, cantaloupe and raspberries.



I think I hit every food group with this one!  :)

Plus an unpictured cup of milk


And I’m off!


See you at lunch!


What’s your best “I overslept” story?


  1. That plate looks lovely, so colorful! And healthy! My best “I overslept” story… hmm, tough one, I haven’t overslept too many times. I have however sprinted out of bed, in to the shower and in a frenzy tried to get dressed only to peek at the clock a second time to realize I misinterpreted the time the first time I looked at the clock – usually it’s an hour before I need to get up! It sucks when this happens because by then you’re already showered and dressed and can’t go back to sleep again. The last time I overslept was when the clocks were supposed to be changed. I got up and ready to go Bikram Yoga only to realize the clocks were supposed to be changed and it was actually one hour AHEAD of the time my clock was telling me. Arrgh, I missed Bikram that morning! :(

  2. Looks fabulous!!

    The fact that you’re late made me think of that song from ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ with the white rabbit being late, haha ;-) Hang in there today!!

  3. Your breakfast looks so good!!

    I oversleep most days :(

  4. I’m loving the variety on your plate this morning!

    And I’m tryin’, but I can’t think of a good oversleeping story… I’m usually always the first one up!

  5. Oh wow, delicious delicious!

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