Don’t you hate when you forget to pack part of your lunch? I got everything ready last night and had it waiting in the fridge for me….and then totally forgot to put my bag of lettuce in my lunchbox this morning.  Oh well – everything else was still good!

I had a lettuceless salad of corn, tomato, and avocado


And a refried bean and cheese wrap


We just ran an important cookie-related errand, so I’m just about to tear into these clementines – health before necessary chocolate  :)


Yeah….this will be eaten shortly.


It is only 40 degrees here and was snowing when we got back to work!!! What happened to Spring? I hope she shows up again soon.

What’s the worst thing you’ve forgotten to bring/pack/etc?

I totally forgot to pack pajamas on a youth group weekend trip one time! I had to just sleep in the clothes that I wore that day. Not horribly embarrassing or anything, but still! Jeans are not so fun to sleep in.


  1. That’s the worst when you forget key components to your lunch! I have a habit of leaving the non-perishable stuff on my counter. Its kind of out of site when I leave every day.

    I like to pack all the stuff I need in containers in my fridge, and all other things. i.e. crackers, laughing cow cheese, pretzels, etc… I pack those and leave them on my counter

    The worst was when I brought taco meat, and left the tortillas. I still ate the meat with the fixin’s but it just wasn’t the same!

  2. The pile of veggies still looks awesome, but it is a bummer that you forgot your lettuce.

    I’m not sure what my biggest packing boo boo has been. Hmm… I seem to remember several times in junior high/high school/college when I conveniently “forgot” to pack my swimsuit. Oh dear. :-)

  3. Your lunch still looks great without the lettuce!

    I seem to forget deodorant alot when I travel. Not sure why.

  4. First time I visited my boyfried at grad school I forgot underwear! We had to go to Target and I was so embarassed because we had JUST started dating!!

  5. I love that picture of the clementines! So cute :)

    I forgot to pack my camera charger once on a week long vacation…Yeah…that was bad ahahh

  6. I’ve forgotten my underwear before. It’s happened more than once. Oops.

  7. I have forgotten to bring forks and spoons sometimes, I usually try to leave them here but sometimes forget.
    I love your lettuce less salad though!

  8. That’s funny! The worst is packing soup and forgetting a spoon. I once ate oatmeal with my finger on the train.

  9. Thanks God I am not the only forgetful one!

    I forget things all the time – its become a running joke in my family – thank goodness they are used to it! :D

  10. I always forget utensils (for lunch at work) and deodorant (thank goodness for stores on the way to trips.

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