Happy Monday afternoon! Thank goodness the day is halfway over  :)

Work went by just like normal this morning – Mondays are my “crazi-er” day at work and are full of work. Good thing my awesome bowl of oatmeal held me all morning.

I was excited for lunch today – I love having colorful leftovers.

I had the last serving of the chicken/eggplant/zucchini curry from this weekend with some of my roasted cauiflower and broccoli from last night.


Plus some cantaloupe, that I’m somehow still eating from last week! It’s another never ending bowl of fruit. Magical.


I’d say the blogging world is having a pretty awesome Monday!

Want proof?

Just 4 more hours…


  1. I have never seen purple cauliflower before!!Seriously, that is cool!

  2. GORRRGEOUS cauliflower!!

    Hooray for all the contests, the bake sale; and thank you for the birthday shout-out!! Birthday blondies are in order ;-)

  3. That cauliflower is so purple! I love it!

  4. Oh wow, super delicious cauliflower!! And oooh yum yum yum on the bake sale!

  5. Purple cauliflower?! That looks amazing!

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