How Is This My First Post Today?

Whew!  :)  I can’t believe I went all day without posting once! Today was so fun, but so busy.


I was seriously going to  post like normal this morning. Then I remembered we had a potluck at church today, and I was supposed to bring a dish. I meant to make it yesterday, but that never happened. Needless to say, this morning was pretty busy between making the dish, getting ready, and making/eating breakfast. We still had time for our Sunday morning feast, though!

I had 2 eggs over grits with the last of the ham steak from the other night


We split this plate of orange slices and strawberries. It was a great orange. I hate when you get the ones that aren’t so sweet, but this one was really sweet and juicy.



And although we didn’t have time to make fresh coffee, I had planned to try Tina’s iced coffee, so I had some cold coffee from Saturday in the fridge waiting for me.

I mixed my cold coffee with some ice, about 1/4 cup or so of fat free milk and 1 Tbsp nesquik.



This was so refreshing! I hope I remember to do this more often. I know I would like having this on rotation once it’s warmer in the mornings.

I don’t have pictures of lunch since we were eating while a couple was telling us about their upcoming missions trip, but I had some of my dish (a ham/bean/veggie/barley mixture) plus some caesar salad.

After church and lunch, we headed to the tractor supply store for some garden items and then to Walmart for draino and…


Easter Candy – what else?  I had a serving of these this afternoon after we took a glorious nap on the couch  :)  It was so nice to just lay down and relax and not worry about the time or anything else. It was so nice, it was hard to wake up!

I also had a ww chocolate smoothie with a little PB2 – I guess it was a chocolatey afternoon!



Nick cut the grass while I finished up some laundry and cleaned up inside the house. We left around 7 to go running, and it was the perfect time to be out running around. It was still light outside, but it wasn’t too warm and there was this slight breeze the entire time. The good thing? It was a good run for me! I really didn’t get side stitches until the very end, and I can deal with them better if I know I don’t have much farther to go. I did wear my HRM (yay!), but I think I still have to do some other set-up stuff. I love it, though. I like being able to see how hard my heart is working and how I’m feeling at certain points based on my heart rate.

Once we got back from running, I took a quick shower and started prepping dinner.

I was so excited when I saw these on sale this week!





That’s right – purple and orange cauliflower. I love having these different colors, but they’re not on sale very often. They were 2/$3 this week at Kroger, so I had to buy them.

I roasted the orange and purple cauliflower along with some regular ole’ white cauliflower and some broccoli, quick “baked” potatoes in the microwave, and Nick grilled us some steaks.



Man, what a post!  :) My fingers are tired from all the typing and uploading, and I still have other blogs to catch up on! See you in the morning!


How was your weekend?


  1. I was wonder where you were ;-)

    Mmm, love the colorful cauliflower!!

    My weekend has been FABULOUS!!

  2. I love all those colored cauliflowers!!! I got plain white today, but purple is going to be in the rotation soon!

  3. oh, easter candy and colorful cauliflower!!!

  4. i also LOVE colorful veggies like cauliflower :) What a fun day!

    I can’t wait for the summer (when school’s out!) so I can take long naps with my boy on the couch!

  5. Oh wow, I totally love the cauliflower!

  6. I have never seen colored cauliflower before :) Love it!!

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