Early Birds Catch the Donuts?

Happy Saturday morning! I hope today is filled with fun things for you – whatever they are!

I woke up around 6:30 this morning, thanks to Roxy jumping in my face and meowing for breakfast  :)  After I got up and fed her, I decided to just go ahead and go finish the grocery shopping while it was early. Did you know that if you go to Kroger at 7:15 am on a Saturday, no one is there? It was lovely. I left the house around 6:45, finished grocery shopping, and picked up some breakfast for me and Nick.

I got a whole wheat bagel sandwich with egg and ham, plus some cheese that I added once I got home.


There’s this  local coffee shop that makes these awesome breakfast sandwiches. As soon I suggested breakfast from there this morning, Nick was ready for it, too!

We split this plate of fruit along with our sandwiches



Plus some coffee Nick made while I was on my way home



I also picked us up each one treat from this amazing shop here, Carol Lee.



We each had one hokie sprinkle chocolate glazed donut. As you can probably tell, I rarely have donuts. But if I’m going to have one, I want one from Carol Lee. They’re only open a few hours each day and the donuts are made fresh each morning. You have to get there early to get what you want, and it was busy when I went in there this morning! People love their donuts. Now…eating donuts is like eating air to me. That’s why I made sure to only get 1, and I had to eat the rest of my healthy breakfast before eating the donut  :) 

We’re going to watch our little neighbor’s soccer games today – it should be fun. Watching kids play sports is always funny!


Enjoy your morning and see you for lunch!


  1. I can’t even remember the last time I had a donut!

    happy Saturday, enjoy the game! :)

  2. Have fun at the game!!!

    That donut looks so good!!

  3. yummm, perfect saturday morning treat! those inadvertently early weekend mornings are so productive and rewarding :-)

  4. I just pictured a bird flying away with a big donut in its mouth – now I’m laughing :-D

    Enjoy the soccer game today!!

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