Date Night at The Palisades

Date night was so much fun – we just got home and put in “Australia”. I’m watching that and blogging at the same time, so please excuse any typos or weirdness :)


Nick and I decided to head to The Palisades for dinner tonight. It’s close, and it was good the first time we went, so we wanted to see how it was doing. It just opened a few months ago, but it seems to be doing well! We heard some ruckus from the second floor and found out that someone was having a tea party upstairs!



The restaurant is in this old General Store in the heart of Eggleston. While the restaurant offers more modern food (and at great prices!), the original charm is still present in the building and decor.

One of my favorite things? Their crostini with hummus and tomato jam, which are free and very good.

The crostini are garlicky, and the combination of the hummus and tomato jam on the bread is amazing.



This is how the plate started.

And….this is how it looked when we were done with it  :)



We didn’t order an appetizer the last time we ate here, so we decided we should try one tonight. And I’m glad we did!

We ordered the Pear and Brie Quesadilla, which came with more of their tomato jam – it was so creamy, tart, and sweet and had a hint of cinnamon.



Although the regular entrees all sounded great, we decided to try another pizza. I honestly don’t know how we decided on that considering how much pizza we already had this week, but it is what it is! We loved the first one we tried here, so tonight we ordered The Palisades pizza. What else, right?



This one had grilled steak and mozzarella on their honey wheat crust. I love their crust, and I love their sauce. It’s very sweet, but still very savory at the same time – I’m not sure what is in it, but it’s a great combination of flavors. The crust is pretty thin, but it still has some great chew to it.



Picture that times 2!

Then dessert. I ordered a cinnamon bread pudding with rum sauce. It looked different than I expected, but it was really light, yet creamy, and had a great warmth from all the cinnamon.



It was the perfect ending to my meal.

Nick ordered the dessert special – The Sloppy Napoleon-



Beautiful – I had so much fun taking this picture. It was layers of puff pastry, fresh whipped cream, mango and raspberry sauces with some raspberry garnishes. I had to taste it – table rules, you know  :)  It was so light and summery. I loved the mix of the sweet cream and the tart mango/raspberry flavors. The puff pastry was so flaky and delicate. I was happy he chose this one!

Speaking of…here’s my handsome date!



The best part of the night? We found out that they had a group playing live music while we were there. They played a little bluegrass while we were eating.

All in all, it was a great date night.  I have a feeling we’ll be back.


Now I’m ready for pajamas!

I hope you had a great Saturday – see you for breakfast  :)


  1. DAMN I want that napoleon dessert – yum!!

    Cute date!! :-D

  2. pear and brie quesadilla — mmmmmmmm! i think i love palisades :-)

    enjoy your night with australia and your date!

  3. HOW FUN!!!! What a great looking meal, I’m seriously drooling here :)

  4. that pizza and dessert look UNBELIEVABLE!

    And your date is indeed very handsome ;)

  5. Whoa, totally delicious! And mmmmmmmm I’m drooling!!

  6. Every nibble in this post looks amazing. Tomato jam, pizza and bread pudding… oh my. I’m glad you and your handsome date had a good evening!! :-)

  7. What a great date night :) That dessert looks delish! The pizza too!! Have a great Sunday!

  8. Brandy
    Maleasa told me about your blog a few weeks ago and I love it! I love you recipes and reading about the things you are working on – I have been adding all different things to my oatmeal now and I especially love peanut butter in it now – it so good! take care jenn (bonzagni) tennison

  9. Hoooray for a great date night.

    p.s. I want to eat there for dinner when we are in town in a couple of weeks.

  10. Looks like a fantastic place. And isn’t Australia such a good movie? I drool over Hugh Jackman!

  11. Wow! That place looks like it serves up some unique but tasty food =) I prefer smaller places to large chains because their food is much more satisfying and has a special taste! Glad you had a great night.

  12. I don’t know which looks better the quesadilla or the pizza!

  13. You had me at brie and pear!! Yum!

    And that pizza looks AMAZING!

  14. That pizza …… I am literally licking the lcd screen!!

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