Reading While Riding

Good morning!!! I am so happy it’s Friday :)  Even though it’s raining again and gloomy, I think it will be a good day.

After having eggs last night, that was all I wanted for breakfast, too!

I had my usual runny eggs and grits



Some cantaloupe and strawberries



And a morning dose of dairy




In other news, I finished working on that document last night!! woohoo! You know what that means?



This is my reading material for the ride to and from work today – Nick drives, so I’ll be reading “The Shack”, more than likely. I started it yesterday and love it so far.

What’s your favorite book? What kinds of books are your favorite?

I love so many books, it’s ridiculous. I guess that’s why I was an English major as an undergrad. I love reading, and I can’t wait to get into some more books soon.


  1. CLEAN EATING AND HEALTH MAGAZINE!!! Good choices, Brandi :-)

    **My favorite books = anything by Stephen King.

    HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!

  2. Right now, I am really into light reads. The last book I read was “The Shack” which I found to be interesting. I am reading Chasing Harry Winston right now but it is light and run and really helps me relax.

  3. Happy Friday!
    i love your choices of reading materials!
    My favorite book I ever read was In Country back in high school I’ve read it a few times since then and will probably read it again this summer, it’s a good summer beach read.

  4. Oh wow, I need to jump on those magazines, everyone seems to be reading Clean Eating!

  5. TGIF! I love all kinds of books from Chick Lit to classic American writers like Hemingway. Books are such a great form of escapism. I’d love to know how The Shack is. I’ve been meaning to read it.

  6. Yay for finishing the document! Your reading material looks much more fun!

  7. I’m no good at picking a favorite, but, in a pinch, I’d have to say that “Tender is the Night” by F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of my favorites ever. I also really love “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.”

    I’ve heard that “The Shack” is great. I look forward to hearing your opinion!

    Have a good weekend!! I’m SO happy it’s Friday too.

  8. I’m really getting into memoirs right now (and not because of the fad) but more because I have to read so many for grad school.

    My favorite book is The Mysteries of Pittsburgh by Michael Chabon.

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