Lunch Date

Happy Friday afternoon! This day seems to be flying by – I have a feeling that the afternoon will not go by as quickly, though.  At least it has stopped raining for a minute!

Nick’s dad was in town for business today, so we had lunch with him and a family friend/mentor at an Italian place called Sal’s. Nick and I have been a few times since it opened, and the food has been great each time.

I started out with a side salad


For my meal I ordered their sandwich special:


Salmon, tomato, red onion, greens, and avocado on ciabatta bread – oh it was so good. I got the mayo on the side – it was okay – and I ate the pickle. I don’t know why I don’t have salmon on sandwiches more often! It was delicious. And I loved the avocado with it.

Quick post – back to work – see you for dinner!

What’s your favorite sandwich?

I don’t know my absolute favorite, but it’s hard to beat both grilled cheese and grilled pb&j – yum  :)


  1. It’s still pouring here – blaaah. Glad it stopped for a bit where you are though!!

    Favorite sandwich = Can’t go wrong with a classic PBJ!!

  2. That sandwich looks delicious! How fun to get out for a lunch on a Friday!
    I’m stealing your answer, I love grilled cheese sandwiches!

  3. Oh wow, that sandwich is amazing!
    My favorite would be tofu sandwich!!!

  4. There is no way I could choose one sandwich! I like goat cheese, walnuts, and honey.

  5. what a lovely sandwich combo!

    Yeah, don’t make me choose it’s so hard! But I do love PB & J and grilled cheese and almond butter & bananas. mmmm

  6. Grilled cheese is my favorite!!

    Happy Friday!

  7. Hope your day goes quickly for you!
    That salmon sandwich looks so good!!

    Leah @ Simply Fabulous

  8. my favorite is turkey ruebans!

  9. WOW great sandwich! I think mine would be roasted chicken with hummus

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