Leftover Leftovers

Yup – leftover leftovers. It’s what’s for lunch.

This morning started out pretty well weather-wise, but it’s raining again. Too bad I wore shoes that like to let water in the sides…oh well. My feet will dry!

My apple and omega oatmeal held me over until lunch time! I loved that combination – I don’t know why I’ve never done the apple in my oats before. It was really good and easy to make.

Lunch today was a bunch of stuff:

2 slices of my leftover pizza


Some green beans and corn


Sliced tomatoes


and 2 clementines that I got as a freebie from my WW meeting on Saturday


How do you like those free clems, Sarah?  :)

I’m so happy it’s Thursday, the work day is almost over, and The Office comes on tonight!

We also ran over to Books-a-Million at lunch and I bought the new Health magazine and the new Clean Eating – I can’t wait to dig into those later. The cupcakes on the Clean Eating magazine look amazing! Has anyone tried them yet?  I know Biz made the mac’n’cheese the other day, which also looks awesome!

What are your favorite magazines?

I love:

Clean Eating

Cooking Light




Eating Well


  1. That pizza looks great! and I love the combo of green beans and corn!

  2. Most of my favorite magazines are ones I unfortunately cannot get here: Women’s Health, Self, VegNews, Nylon magazine and Missbehave Magazine. I’ve got a ton more though :)

  3. I love leftover pizza!!

    I like your list… but I also love some Womens Health! (although that mag has most of their content posted online as well)

  4. Great looking pizza!!!
    Favorite mags: Shape, Self, Vanity Fair, Eating Well, Cooking Light

  5. Oh good, the new Clean Eating is out!! I looked for it last week but it hadn’t hit the stands yet. I will have to find it tomorrow!

    All your veggies look so good!!

  6. You make leftovers look divine! 8-) My favorite mags are: Woman’s World, Guideposts, Health, and Family Circle. Haven’t read Clean Eating yet, I will have to keep an eye out for that.

  7. I really love Women’s Health and Outside Magazine. Outside has some amazing literary journalism pieces in it!

  8. I love love love leftovers for lunch. I feel happy knowing I’m not wasting!

    Fav mags: Real Simple, Cooking Light, and Runner’s World. I must also admit that we have a free subscription to Entertainment Weekly, which I enjoy :)

  9. hahha, loving the free clems, thanks for asking!

    i love all those magazines … esp eating well which i’ll start receiving soon thanks to YOU :D

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