Apple and Omega Oats

Good morning! Thanks for all your comments, thoughts, and input on my post last night – it’s good to know I’m not the only one that does that. I guess it’s just something I need to work harder at avoiding and stopping myself when I realize I’m doing it. I don’t know that it is completely avoidable, but I know that I can do something about it if I can catch myself!


I was so indecisive this morning – eggs or oatmeal? If I want oatmeal, what do I want on it? Well, what am I packing for a snack today – does that change what I want for breakfast? I honestly thought about it for about 10 minutes this morning…just doing that, back and forth.


Finally, I came up with this:



Apple and Omega Oatmeal

  • 1 small apple, chopped – put in bowl and cook in microwave with a little cinnamon for 1:30
  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 3 Tbsp Trader Joe’s Oh My Omega Trek Mix (a blend of walnuts, pecans, pepitas, pistachios, cranberries, almonds)
  • more cinnamon!
  • 1 tsp brown sugar melting on top  :)

I microwaved the apple, then just dumped my oats/water/salt on top and put it back in the microwave to cook the oats. Stir in the cinnamon, and top with brown sugar and nuts.



Fruit and nut minefield! Look at that brown sugar melting – yum.

I also had a cup of milk in my signature Hokie cup



And I’m off!

What meal do you have the hardest time deciding what you want?

Mine is probably breakfast, just because I love all the choices that I usually have (oatmeal, eggs, etc).



    I have the hardest time deciding lunch – even today, I was going back and forth between falafel and channa masala. Channa Masala wins :-)

    Good luck with your day!!

  2. Those oats look amazing – so much goodness squeezed into 1 bowl! Mmmm

  3. I catch myself doing this all the time. I start thinking oatmeal would be a good breakfast but then I’m going to want pb on it and I already packed pb for lunch. I think I need to plan out my meals week by week and hope that stops the indesicivness in the mornings.

  4. WHOA, that is sure super colorful too, delicious!

  5. What a great big bowl of yum! I bet you were glad you chose oats! I have the hardest time deciding what to eat for lunch, because I pretty much stick with the same standard things for breakfast and dinner. And usually dinner is the time I will go out to eat if I do, and then of course I pick from the menu(which can sometimes be hard too!)

  6. Dinner is killer for me. I’m usually so crabby, and if I have nothing planned then it’s just a headache to figure something creative out :)

  7. dinner is the hardest for me because i’m so tired and lazy by then. and usually because i don’t have all the ingredients i need!

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