Changes of Mind

Only 30 more minutes until LOST! I better hurry  :)

We had BodyPump on the schedule for today, so I knew I needed an afternoon snack. I had some fat free plain yogurt with a few chopped strawberries and some TJ’s Fruit and Nut Medley cereal (or something like that – I can never remember the right name!)



I don’t know what was different about BodyPump, but it just about killed me! My legs were shaking during the squats and lunges, my arms were shaking with everything (chest, triceps, biceps) and the ab track was killer tonight – good thing it’s giving me some good muscles  :)  I can’t wait to get my heart rate monitor so I can see how many calories I actually burn in that class. Sweat dripping down elbows? I think that means I’m working pretty hard.

I couldn’t decide about dinner plans once we got home. The meal I was going to make would have taken a bit longer than I wanted to spend cooking, so I changed my mind (change of mind #1).

I roasted some asparagus, cooked up some lean ham steaks, and made some couscous with broth and parsley.



Easy, quick, and makes me think of Spring.


So what else is a change of mind? Well, it’s not one I’ve had but one I want to have.

I constantly compare myself to other girls. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it,  but I caught myself during BodyPump thinking “I wish I looked like that girl”. I was feeling good and feeling strong until I started thinking things like that, and it just totally deflates my spirit.  I don’t know how or when I started doing that, but I know it’s not healthy. I know that I was made the way I am for a reason, and I am happy with myself most of the time. I don’t know to keep myself from comparing myself so much, but I would like to start trying to get rid of that bad habit.

Any tips? Do you compare yourself to other people? If thoughts like that come up, what do you say to yourself or do to turn that thinking off?

I know…you’re probably thinking “why is she asking such a deep question when LOST is about to come on?” :)

Becca is giving away some fun stuff from the CIA (the food one!) 


  1. I do that too, but found myself doing it less after I’d spent a few years yo-yoing 30 lbs. . . now when I see someone superthin, I think “Maybe she’s a gym addict” or “maybe she’s a smoker.” When I see people who are truly healthy + strong, it inspires me to be a better me. hope that makes sense!

  2. It’s so hard for me to try to focus on myself and not compare myself with others. I’m struggling with that, but I try to keep reminding myself not to, and hopefully it will follow through. LOL

  3. hhhaahha LOST IS ON RIGHT NOW AND it’s so good (commenting during commercials, obviously :))

    I compare myself to other girls all the time, I think that people do it a lot. I also do it subconsciously sometimes and then remind myself of what I’m doing and snap out of it.

    Sometimes those comparisons encourage me, like “if I keep to my training schedule, I can run that fast/ look that toned,” etc. At other times, they make me sad. I just think it’s a matter of recognizing what I’m doing and letting it go.

    P.S. Jack just said “no.” INCREDIBLE!

  4. I definitely look at other girls and think I look like them Lately I’ve been going a few years back and watching Ciara’s music video for “Like a Boy”… her body is killer in that video! Jealous!

  5. *I meant to say I WISH I looked like them… I definitely do not!! haha wishful typing…

  6. I totally compare myself to everyone in my jazzercise class… i gotta stop!

  7. for me it is always about shifting my mantra.

    sounds so weird but even just having a running: IM THE BEST SELF I CAN BE I AM THE BEST SELF I CAN BE going during a run or a class REALLY HELPS ME.

  8. I find myself often comparing myself–especially in college it can be really hard, but if you let it get the point where it makes you feel down about yourself, just remember everyone is made in their own unique way; if we were all the same the world would be a bore, and I bet you have tons of people in your life who love you just the way you are! Sounds cliche, but it’s true =)

  9. When you are looking at someone in your exercise class, you are comparing your outward appearance. Many of those “perfect” people are not all the perfect on the inside.

    They are obsessed, don’t eat healthy, don’t have deep and meaningful friendships, marriages, etc. I know it’s hard, but don’t compare.

    Your blog is an inspiration for me to eat healthy. Thanks for the encouragement and window into how you manage eating well and living life!

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