Running + Hoops

Happy End to Your Monday! Are you happy it’s over? I am. That means it’s one day closer to the weekend!

I knew Nick and I were planning on running once he got home (since my head was feeling better), so I had a weight watcher’s chocolate smoothie with milk and a few frozen cherries



Plus one of the Praeventia granola bars



I could not get Roxy to come inside and cuddle me at all today! I guess she was liking the weather too  :)



She was napping like that for a while this afternoon…just laying in the sun, with the little breeze ruffling her hair. She had a good day!

We went running and I used the heart rate monitor this time to try it out. The strap on this one fits well, which is good, since I ordered one for me today. We ran 2.8 miles today (or so it said); we’re going to drive the route we ran to see where the first mile is so we can compare that to the foot pod measurements, just to see how accurate it is. It seems about right, but we’ve never driven it to check for sure.

After we got back from running, our two little neighbors talked us into a game of basketball with them. I was on a team with the 12 year old, and Nick was playing with the 8 year old. Man! My heart rate was just as high playing basketball compared to when we were running! I got a good, long workout in today between the run and the hoops. Playing with them is fun – they’re great kids.

By the time we were finished playing b-ball, it was 7:00, and I was tired and hungry! I decided to forego my earlier dinner plans – mainly because I wanted barley for the meal, and I found out that I didn’t have any. The local pizza place had a pretty good deal, so we each ordered a small pizza and I made some side salads to have with it.


Romaine, tomato, black olives, ff feta, some oregano/garlic powder and a little olive oil.

Plus two slices of my pizza, which had ham and pineapple  :)



This place has pretty good pizza – not the best we’ve ever had, but it’s better than Pizza Hut and that’s the only other option near us.

I’m off to edit a document and catch up on blogs.

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

I love ham/pineapple, but I also love a veggie-ful pizza and tomato/basil/mozzarella! I guess I just love pizza – I think I’d eat just about anything on it. One really good one we had not too long ago had pepperoni, black olives, fresh basil, and roasted red peppers – it was a great combination!


  1. Are those granola bars good? My mom saw them at Costco, but we weren’t too sure, since they were a bulk box!

  2. Looks like a fun day! I haven’t played basketball in so long, I should really do that again sometime :)

    I love any kind of veggies on my pizza, especially broccoli with lots of sauce…but I also really like Italian sausage some days. Yum!

  3. my favorite kind of pizza is cheeseless pesto pizza, I guess that’s an anti-topping!

  4. nice game of hoops, did you win?

    I LOVE pizza. It’s totally my guilty pleasure. I’ll eat it with ANYTHING on top! It’s delicious :)

  5. Mmm that’s my kind of pizza – I LOVE pineapple on pizza!

  6. I love carmelized sweet potato slices and onions on a pizza with some fresh herbs and mozz cheese. It honestly has to be on of the best combos! You should definitely try it sometime!

  7. Ham and Pineapple is the best! But I swear I can’t have a pizza without mushrooms. Or spinach. Or garlic. Shoot, this list is endless. Black beans are also good!

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