Morning Migraine

Gah…not my favorite way to wake up. I’ve had a headache since I woke up this morning, so needless to say, I stayed home. I just didn’t think I could go stare at my work computer for 8 hours with this headache.

I was having a hard time deciding on what I wanted for breakfast, but Nick’s breakfast plans helped solve that problem. He made some bacon, so I decided on some eggs and grits – no surprise there, huh?



Some cantaloupe and 1/2 piece of bacon



Plus some coffee



What’s your favorite “feel good” meal – that meal that always makes you feel better, no matter what?


  1. oatmeal always makes me feel better. and hot chocolate:-)

    i hope your migraine does not stick around!! i’m home today, too :/

  2. OH NO!! :-( Feel better!!

    My “feel good” meal = my signature B-S-Cubed dish (scroll down in the post):

  3. So sorry about your headache!
    Eggs and bacon is my favorite morning comfort meal, and spaghetti is my favorite night time comfort meal.

  4. AWWWHHH Hope you feel better soon!!!

  5. Hope you feel better soon–not a good way to start the week =( My favorite meal, although I don’t know if it’s considered a standard ‘meal’ is a bowl of Cheerios/Sliced Banana with soymilk and a giant PB&J sammy on wheat to go with it!! Takes all the worries of the day away!

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