Lunch on the Go!

Drive by posting!  :)


I’m on my way out the door for my Weight Watcher’s staff meeting. They usually have snacks for us, but I never know what they’ll be, so I’m packing an easy lunch + a snack, just in case :)


Almond butter/banana wrap



Green monster: banana, milk, frozen cherries, kale.



Tj’s nuts about raspberries trail mix



and i’m gone! see ya for dinner  :)



    Good luck at your meeting!!

  2. YUM!!!
    Have fun at the meeting!

  3. enjoy the meeting. that wrap looks PERFECT!

  4. Oh wow, scrumptious. Enjoy the meeting!!

  5. That trail mix looks great!
    Hope you enjoyed your meeting!

  6. Wow, that was quick! Hope you had a good meeting Brandi. Is that your favorite TJ’s trail mix. I was there today, and was a bit overwhelmed by their selection. What do you recommend?

    • Thanks everyone!

      I’ve only tried 2 from TJ’s, but I LOVE this one. I fell in love with the dried raspberries! I want to try more, but the closest Tj’s is about 3-4 hours from me, so I don’t get to go very often.

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