Cupcakes Help Me Sleep

Good morning!

Sorry for the lack of post last night – we didn’t get back from our friends’ house until around 11 pm and I was just sleepy. I ended up not taking pictures there – they had another family over for dinner that we had never met before, so I just didn’t want to have to explain everything last night.

Anywho – on to breakfast! We did not get as much rain yesterday as we though we would – it looks pretty gloomy right now, but it’s supposed to get nicer as the day goes on. Too bad I’ll be inside all afternoon!

I needed a little ray of sunshine on this cloudy morning



About a cup of cantaloupe



and a cup of coffee in one of my favorite mugs



Although I don’t have pictures from dinner, it was a great meal! I brough a salad with romaine, ff feta, sundried tomatoes, black olives, and red onion. They grilled some local london broil and veggies, and we had this potato side dish that their neighbor brought over. Add some grapes/strawberries and some devil’s food cupcakes with cream cheese frosting? Great Saturday night meal  :) 

I did take a picture of my afternoon snack from yesterday, and I need to share it – this was totally Heather inspired:



A slice of the cinnamon bread, toasted, and topped with almond butter. Oh man. Why didn’t I try it like this sooner?  It was so good, and the perfect little snack.

I’m off to church, then back to change and get ready for my WW staff meeting today.


Are there people/groups that you still feel weird taking pictures in front of for your blog (if you have one)?

My family knows all about it, but I haven’t told some people that I don’t see very often. It’s actually been easier for me in places where I don’t know anyone to whip out the camera since I don’t have to explain it. I’m guessing it will get easier – I’ve only had the blog for about 2.5 months.


  1. No worries!! Glad you had fun last night.

    LOOOOOOOVE the Heather-inspired treat!! Wowza.

    Nope!! My family and friends are the ones who remind me to take the photos of food for the blog, so it’s all good :-)

  2. haha, cupcakes are an excellent sleep aid. and i love it when “potluck” meals come together so perfectly like that.

    i haven’t encountered a group yet that i’ve been hesitant to explain the blog to, but there are situations when i feel i can’t take pictures. even though my classmates, professors, and coworkers know about the blog and support it, i feel rude whipping the camera out in the middle of class or a meeting. esp since it makes a beep every time i focus it, and i can’t turn it off! so i’m always trying to strategically take pictures of any food i MIGHT eat beforehand.

  3. Sounds like a great meal!!

    I don’t take photos when I am with my dear husbands family. I am not very comfortable around them to start with, they are just really different than me. Couple that with them not understanding the internet or that I have an eating disorder and I have a sticky situation on my hands. I also haven’t told the people I work with about the blog because I don’t want them to know about ED, either. Luckily, at work, I can take pictures in my office most of the time without anyone seeing me do it.

  4. NO WORRIES about the lack of pics! Sounds like a fun night though!
    I’m loving the cinn bread with almond butter… I’m a huge fan of almond butter :)

    When we go out for dinner, the fiance always reminds me to “bring your camera!” and “don’t forget to be a food blogger!” I think its cute, and it helps me remember. I’m not embarrassed anymore, but I’ve found that a lot of places have terrible lighting!

  5. I thought it would be weird here to whip out the camera but everyone was really interested in the fact I food blog. Other situations I find it uncomfortable or the first time I did it with extended family…but they didn’t seem to notice.

  6. Brandi,
    So glad you tried the cinnamon bread/AB combo. I bet it was delicious, and thanks for the shout-out.

    I’m the same way with my food pictures as I have no problem whipping out the camera in front of complete strangers or close friends, but I do feel awkward in smaller groups of people I might not know very well. Just tell them what you’re doing, and they’ll probably think it’s really cool…or think you’re completely wack-o, and if they do, then they’re only missing out on your great blog. :)

    Thanks for the trail mix info. The dried raspberries do sound so good. I think I’ll get that one next time.

    Have a good week!

  7. I feel uncomfortable taking pictures of my food in front of anyone. I’ve only been food blogging for a while but my mom and sister aren’t into the whole thing and since they know I have issues with food they think I’m weird for taking pictures of all my food. It’s embarassing but I’m trying to work through it. I wouldn’t dare take pictures of my food in front of friends though.

  8. Sounds like such a fun night (and yummy salad!)

    My cameraphone helps me out in situations like that (at least if it’s an informal dinner) – i can take it out on the pretense of turning it off and surreptitiously take a pic :-)

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