Ravenous Hunger

Who else is happy it’s the weekend?!??? Today was long and gloomy, but I am happy to be home relaxing  :)

Thanks for all the well-wishes today! The conference went pretty well….but it was long and I zoned out a couple of times. It was just one of those workshops where a few things apply to your job, but most of them didn’t, so it was hard to pay attention in sections.

For breakfast I had a feta breakfast sandwich, some canadian bacon, a banana, and some coffee from this really good bakery here, Our Daily Bread. I went with my coworkers, and I haven’t told them about the blog yet, so no pictures.

The lunch was provided with the workshop and it was okay. A ham sandwich, a small bag of sunchips, one alright cookie, and an apple. Meh – not great, but at least it was free, I guess.

We got out of the conference around 4:30, so I went ahead and got groceries while I still out in town tonight – one less thing to do tomorrow! I was feeling kind of hungry most of the day, since my breakfasts are usually more voluminous and I usually have more satifying lunches, but I didn’t really feel horribly hungry until I got home and actually started eating! Now it’s like my stomach just wants more and more and more – and who am I to disagree?  :)

Unfortunately, the only pictures I have are from dinner, but it was good!  I did not feel like cooking when I got home, so I made myself one of my favorite standbys:

Taco Salad


Fat free refried beans, a black bean burger, romaine, tomato, corn, and avocado. If you can’t tell, I wanted some veggies! I really didn’t have any during the day, besides the small slices of tomato and pieces of lettuce on my sandwiches, but not enough to count for a serving. This hit the spot.


Plus some random leftover roasted potatoes I found in the fridge.


Right now, we’re on the couch watching the new James Bond movie until What Not to Wear comes on – and I’m about to make some popcorn! My belly is hungry again.

Hope you all had a great Friday! I’m looking forward to breakfast tomorrow  :)

Has this crazy hunger ever hit you like that – where you’re not really hungry until you actually eat something, and then it feels unstoppable?


  1. Here’s to you having a BEYOND FABULOUS weekend!!

  2. Oh wow, totally drooling over your eats!!! Taco salad!!!

  3. That happens to me a lot…not so much this week though. Maybe its because of the richer foods I’ve been eating.

  4. OOOH great eats!! Have a great weekend!

  5. that happens to me all the time.
    im not hungry at all but i eat
    because i know its been a long
    time since my last bite and then
    all of the sudden im RAVENOUS!!!

  6. Yes, that crazy hunger just hit me today. I’ve had an exam all day, which means I’ve mostly just been sitting around and not been very active but nonetheless I was hungrier than EVER when I got home and after dinner I went haywire on dessert.

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