"I Love a Good Quitting Story"

Hah – I hope you’re watching The Office!!!  This needs to be quick so I don’t miss too much  :)

How long was today?!? I feel like this week has just dragged on and on, and I am happy tomorrow is Friday!

Lunch was the last serving of the smoky shepherd’s pie, the last of some steamed cauliflower and broccoli, and an apple.







Nick and I took a few minutes of our lunch break to get out of our offices – and I got a fat free steamer with a little creme de cacao syrup. I don’t like having caffeine in the afternoon – it makes me all weird and shaky! Steamers are perfect little pick-me-ups  :)



and I had to have one of these before dinner  :)  Sarah, these things are so good! Nick loved them, too.



Dinner was re-runs of last night, but it was still good – and everything reheated well!

Lemon-Artichoke Chicken, Roasted Veggies, and Whole Wheat Orzo with Sundried Tomatoes/Basil



And one more for good luck…and because I like the picture!



I’m going to try my best with blogging tomorrow, but it may be a little off schedule – I have an all day work conference, so I’m not exactly sure when or if we’ll have breaks and if there are computers there.

In other news, Tina is having a PURE bar giveaway!!!

How much caffeine do you have each day? Does it make you jittery if you have it at certain times?


  1. I try to stay away from anything caffeinated after 3 or 4ish… but I make an exception for chocolate!

  2. Watching ‘The Office’ too!! :-D

    I don’t consume any caffeine.

  3. Oh my gosh, super delicious eats!!! I need to jump on watching The Office!

  4. LOVELY eats my dear!
    I tend to have one cup of coffee in the morning, and then another around 2 or 3 if I’m staying up late. Usually, I avoid it after about noon.

  5. I’ve never been “addicted” to caffeine/coffee as many claim to be and I started drinking coffee kind of late (compared to my sister who started drinking coffee in her early teens). I think I first started drinking coffee regularly when I started working at an office, when I was about 19 yrs old. I would drink a coffee latte every once in a while and for a period of time I’d have one every morning. Then I just decided I didn’t want to drink coffee anymore, just to be more healthy. So I stopped and didn’t drink a single drop of coffee in over a year. Now I have a coffee latte or a mochaccino (cocoa coffee latte) every once in a while as a “treat” but it’s definitely nothing I “need”. My mom and sis on the other hand drink up to 5-6 cups a day. They usually make a big pot in the morning and my mom can sometimes sit for a long time and have breakfast while she keeps filling up her cup again and again and before she knows it she’s had 5 cups, just for breakfast!

  6. I am extremely sensitive to caffiene. I cannot drink it after 2-ish, otherwise I have trouble sleeping! But I always have a Diet Dr. Pepper in the morning or some other sort of caffiene to get me through the morning! I’m not sure if I would have ‘withdrawls’ because I always have it ha ha. I don’t wanna find out–have a super weekend!

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