Healthy Brownies – can it be so?

One of my recent baking projects was trying to find and / or create a recipe for some healthier brownies.

I found a few recipes and ended up kind of combining them and then having to modify some ingredients for what I had on hand.

I’m calling these Better Brownies


I think I’m onto something! I still think it needs some modifications, so I’m not posting the exact recipe yet, but here are the ingredients I used:

  • unsweetened applesauce
  • ff plain yogurt
  • vanilla sugar (could use sugar and vanilla extract instead)
  • whole wheat flour
  • baking cocoa
  • baking powder
  • baking soda
  • salt
  • chocolate chips


Check out that crust!

These brownies are so rich and chocolatey. They have a great cocoa flavor and a nice texture – really fudgy, just how we like them. They did take a bit longer to bake than most brownies, but they were so worth it.

I think next time I’ll do half chocolate chips / half walnuts.

I would also use regular sized chips next time, but I only had the mini ones on hand.

First healthy brownie try? A success  :)  But I think they’ll be even better next time!

Do you have a healthier version of your favorite dessert?


  1. I don’t yet, but I’d LOVE this recipe once you’ve modified it! This might be my favorite treat ;)

  2. This is an awesome recipe thanks for posting this!

  3. Oh yum! I have a few Cooking Light brownie recipes I like, including one that has Kahlua in it, but I haven’t really tinkered with any myself. Well, aside from the attempts at making a box mix with pumpkin or black beans a la Weight Watchers.

    I prefer them from scratch and these look great!! I wish you could e-mail me one. :-)

  4. hehehe, I want you to email me a brownie, too :)

  5. Those look sooo good! I love baking with apple sauce.

    I make a great apple crisp – way healthier than buying it from the shop with all those added nasty ingredients!

  6. You are amazing. And not just because of these brownies!

    Check my blog :)

  7. yum!!! i feel like i make some pretty healthy cookies when i substitute applesauce for butter, use ww flour, add lots of oats!

  8. I love “indulging” it was seems so sinful, but is really so sweet[healthy]! I have many variations on unhealthy desserts, mostly from HungryGirl which totally rocks! Hopefully you’ll reveal this stunning recipe once you perfect it! Thanks =)

  9. Those look soo good! I can’t wait to hear the recipe :)

    I have a great healthy recipe for blondies…I’ll have to post about them soon :)

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