Back to My Roots

Oatmeal roots, that is.

For some reason, I had a craving for my old standby oatmeal. Nothing fancy, nothing too out of the box.

Banana Berry Oats


  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • 1 cup frozen mixed berries
  • cinnamon!

I have to say – I miss the crunch of nuts/nut butter, but this is what I wanted and it was good.

It was berry delicious – and pink!

I had a little protein party on the side, as well.


I’ve been working on a cup of coffee this morning, thanks to Nick! And I needed it. Today is not going any better than yesterday, I’ll just say that. At least it’s Thursday, right?


What’s your weather like today?

Maybe the weather is what has me in such a weird mood this week? It’s been rainy gloomy gray the past couple of days – not exactly fun weather. More like…I want to stay home in my pjs weather.


  1. Lovely oats, it’s a gloomy day here as well. I actually like those days once in a while though because it motivates me to stay inside and get stuff done around the house!

  2. gray + gloomy here too!! Your oatmeal looks very festive :-)

  3. MMM, OATS.

    Rainy weather – boo!!

  4. It’s raining here today yuck! but it makes it a little easier to be at work.

  5. Icky cold and supposed to rain all weekend. Spring can’t be too far away, right??!!

  6. It seems as if winter is starting all over again here!! Grrr =@ We just got rid of all our snow off of the ground, and I woke up this morning to a nice 2 inches and it’s still coming down. On top of that–not an ounce of sunshine all week. I’m lacking on my vitamin D! Hopefully spring will make an appearance and stay soon–take care =)

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