Clean Bill of….Teeth?

Well, all in all, the dentist appointments were pretty painless. We both had good checkups and were in and out of there in 30 minutes! Can’t beat that when you’re on your lunch break.

My lunch was good, but I was so sad I didn’t have a big mug of soup to warm me up. It’s so cold, gray, and dreary here – I just want to curl up in my sweatpants.

I finally had the guts to make some salmon salad, and it was pretty good! I don’t why, but I’ve been a little scared to use the pouch/canned salmon – I guess I kept thinking that maybe some bones got through the quality assurance checks  :\  I saw Ellie Krieger make some salmon cakes one time and saw her pulling all the bones and stuff out of the can of salmon….I made a vow that day that I would never use the canned salmon with bones. If I can’t watch someone else do it, there’s no way I would do it myself.

I bought a couple pouches of the salmon and mixed one for Nick and I to share today. We each about 3 oz. salmon mixed with some plain ff yogurt, a little olive oil mayo, dijon mustard, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and curry powder. I wish I would have used more curry powder, as we really couldn’t taste it much. Next time!

I had mine on a flat out wrap with a cut up roma tomato and some romaine


the last 2 pickle spears


and a pacific rose apple – this one still had good flavor, but it had a few mushy spots.


Although everything tasted good, I just don’t feel satisfied. I’m drinking water right now, and do have one of those Praeventia bars to eat before BodyPump tonight.


Let’s hope it holds me through class!

See you for a fun, springy dinner on this rainy Wednesday  :)


  1. Yay for no cavities!
    I need to go out and get some more pickles those just look so good they are making me crave a pickle right now!

  2. Glad that the appointments went well overall!!


  3. Glad the dentist appointment went well. I dread the dentist!
    And love your wrap!!

  4. I have the Praeventia chocolate cookies and they are so good! They have a decent amount of fiber in them as well!

    I love Ellie Krieger, and recently bought her newest cookbook. It is great! Your wrap looks delicious and filling!

    I love me some dill pickles as well :)

  5. oooh that salmon wrap looks so tasty! i recently discovered canned salmon, too — i was surprised by how good it is. also, i learned from my mom that you can eat all the cartilage (or whatever it is) that comes in the cans. i was iffy about it, but it actually didn’t bother me at all!

    i just caught up on your other posts, too — splenda does the same thing to my tum! doesn’t mean i can resist eating a splenda-filled dessert when someone puts it in front of me, but i don’t keep splenda stuff in my apt. makes me feel to weird! plus, there’s that extra too-sweet aftertaste that lingers forever.

    i’ve had that cinnamon bread bookmarked since heather made it. it looks so good. i just haven’t found cinnamon chips yet … i need to look harder!

    and YAY for leftovers :-D
    (and sorry for writing you a novela just now, lol)

    • Sarah: I enjoy your novelas :)

      FoodsThatFit: I love Ellie Krieger too! I got her cookbook for christmas, but haven’t made much out of it yet. I need to! I haven’t seen the Praeventia cookies!

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