Spice Up My Life

Good news: My mom is supposed to be going home tonight! I hope they’re home by now, but the doctor cleared her to go home. Apparently, everything  was fine in her stress test so that’s good! I don’t know what caused all the stuff last night, but it apparently wasn’t anything dealing with a clot or blockage, thank goodness. Thank you all for your notes, thoughts, and prayers!

This afternoon, I snacked on some Hawaiian mix and a Tbsp of raw cashews. The big flakes of coconut in the mix and dried pineapple are my favorites!


It has dried pineapple, banana chips, dried papaya, dates, regular raisins and golden raisins, and coconut. I should get some macadamia nuts to mix with this! That would be great.

I am so, so excited the work day is over today! I will have a fun surprise tomorrow in pictures and I’ve been waiting for this Friday for a couple of weeks. You’ll never guess – I’ll just tell you that.

I got even more excited when I got home and saw that my BSI winningscame today!



I got some awesome spices I can’t wait to use and the cutest little Bento box from the lovely Spiceaholic  :) Thanks so much! I can’t wait to use these, and this is my first little Bento!  If you have any recipes that use these spices, send them my way.

We didn’t plan on working out today, and it was so nice to actually get home at 5:30. We’re never home this early anymore – it was so strange. We usually go to the gym after work 2-3 times a week, then we have group one night a week, so it was nice to come home and have some extra time around the house. I even have a load of laundry going on a weeknight! Weird.

Dinner was leftovers of the frittata from last night, potato and kale hash, and a sliced tomato with some roasted garlic seasoning and oregano.



I feel like I have all the time in the world tonight! I’m going to finish this load of laundry and work on editing a document some more before The Office comes on  :) I have a feeling there will be some popcorn in my future, as well.

Get ready for some fun pictures tomorrow….


  1. SO relieved to read about your mom!! Great news!!

    Hooray for ‘The Office’ tonight!!

  2. so glad mom’s home and ok, and i can’t wait for the pics tomorrow!

  3. I’m so glad your mom was cleared to go home!

  4. Glad to hear your mom is okay!

  5. So good to hear that your mom is okay and is coming home!!

  6. Ohh, that hawaiian mix looks super good!

  7. So glad to hear that your mom is going home!! And CONGRATS on the contest! :-)

  8. Glad to hear you mom is coming home!

    And love the Potato and Kale Hash concept :)

  9. Glad to hear about your mom, that must be a relief! And yay, I’m glad the package got there safely! :)

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