Indecisive Morning

Do you ever have those days where every choice takes super long to make? Blah — first I couldn’t decide on what to wear today, then I took a long time deciding if I wanted oatmeal or eggs, oatmeal or eggs….I had some barley in the fridge just BEGGING to be blended this morning, but I didn’t have enough time  :(

After finally getting dressed, I decided on breakfast – it’s been a regular lately, so I hope you don’t mind the pictures  :)

Eggs and grits (I forgot to add the pinch of salt and could really tell this morning)


Some cantaloupe and strawberries


This cantaloupe is lasting forever! I think the bowl just keeps refilling in the fridge once I take some out!

A cup of milk


And some coffee with skim milk once I got to work.

Thanks for all your comments on my post last night – I really appreciate all of them.

I think it’s just so hard to get away from any “habit” we have, especially if it’s one we’ve had for years. I don’t think doing WW in itself is a bad thing to do or unhealthy by any means, but I just don’t know how well I would do on my own since I haven’t – does that make sense? I mean….the last time I wasn’t doing WW (before I joined 5 years ago), I was not at a point where I was maintaining a healthy weight or mindset or habits, period. I guess it’s just scary to get away from the thing that helped get you where you are – I know this isn’t true, but it just feels like if I stop doing it, everything will go back to how it was before WW.

I know in my heart that won’t happen – I know what’s healthy and I like eating healthy foods and balanced meals and having some treats. It’s just the act of changing that’s scary. I am just so excited to be doing Vani’s challenge – I think this is definitely what I needed right now.

Oh – and anyone that has not tried that coconut milk ice cream? Do  :) It’s SO good. I can’t wait to find the mint one.

What simple decisions take you forever to make?

Mine would probably be what to wear ( duh, I’m a girl!) and what to eat! It seems so silly that it takes me so long to decide sometimes, but it does.


  1. “Do you ever have those days where every choice takes super long to make?”

    OOOOH yes. Hang in there!!

  2. decisions are so hard to make in the morning! i try to make as many as possible before i go to bed, but it never works for clothes. i think i want one thing and then put it on, it doesn’t look right, change the pants, change the shirt to match the new pants, change the socks to match the new shirt, new socks don’t go with planned shoes, can’t find good shoes … etc. etc.

    i was one of those who always used to wish that my school mandated uniforms!! life would be so much easier without the great clothing debate.

  3. I always struggle with what to wear but rarely with what to eat :)

  4. The process of learning to trust yourself is definitely a scary one but I think you’re doing amazingly well taking it slow and step by step!! Plus, you know there’s always WW to go back to if you’re feeling uneasy :-) honestly, I am so happy that I’ll have WW as a “fallback” for the rest of my life, and that makes it easier to start listening to my intuition!

    It takes me FOREVER to decide what to order at restaurants!!!

  5. It takes me forever to decide what to eat. I usually write my choices down on pieces of paper, put it in a bowl, and randomly choose one.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out!! Made me smile :) :)

    One of the things I like about being vegan is that there are fewer choices on a menu I can eat! LOL because otherwise it’s overwhelming!

  7. Totally know what you mean. I am often indecisive!

  8. What a yummy morning!
    Amazing how a little bit of salt can make a big difference!

  9. Reading your thoughts is helping me to think through some of my own issues. I’m wishing you the best, of course, but I want you to know how much I appreciate the food for thought for myself as well.

    I’m amused at the thought of a bottomless bowl of canteloupe!

    I definitely have an indecisive streak, but it is usually only about BIG things. For example, do I buy a place or keep renting…. stay tuned… I’m waiting to see what I decide myself!

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