Chuggin Along

This day is going by soooooo slloooooow…. it probably doesn’t help that it is GORGEOUS outside and I am stuck in my office with no window  :(

Lunch was nice! NIck and I ate outside today so we could enjoy the weather for a few minutes, at least.

Thank you, Mr. Sunshine, for my pretty pictures!

Some chicken barley chili topped with about 1/4 avocado. Messy but delicious.


Some steamed veggies


and some of those baked kettle chips! Yum –  these things are so crunchy and thick! I need to find some of the other flavors.


I also have an orange sliced up that I’m working on right now.


I am gearing up for the end of the work day!


  • Nick and I are going to a spinning class after work! I’m excited to see how they are at our gym and test out one of the instructors. I did forget to pack my padded shorts, though, so I’m sure my butt will be sore again tomorrow  :)
  • The Hokies play tonight at 7 pm!
  • LOST is on at 9 pm!!

A good day all around – see you for dinner! I’m excited for it…


  1. I have a random bag of salt-and-vinegar kettle chips sitting in my kitchen—maybe I’ll give them a try! Your soup looks so wonderful!

  2. I love those baked kettle chips.

    Enjoy the spin!

  3. Have fun at spin class, I hope your butt fares well!!

  4. AVOCADO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have fun spinning!!

  5. beautiful barley chili … and good luck with the ride tonight!! it’s cute that you guys go work out together :-)

  6. No, it’s not too late! :)

    I’m not picking until the night (maybe around 7ish?), so you definitely have enough time! In fact, I’ll go ahead and put your name in three more times right now ;)

    Thanks, girl!!

  7. I love eating outside. Its so relaxing!

  8. The Hokies are playing my alma mater!! Good luck to you guys! I go to UVa now so I get the game! YAY!!!!

  9. Love your eats!!!

  10. I love your blog!

    Those baked kettle chips are awesome!!! esp the salt n vinegar variety

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