At least one thing is green…

I should have tried to make more of my meals/snacks green today! At least one part of my lunch was green, and I should have more green at dinner.

How is it only Tuesday? I feel like I should be more than halfway through the week already. Although, Nick’s coffee this morning did help me have a good start to my day  :)

Lunch today relied on leftovers – for both of us! Nick ran out of his cheese yesterday and used the last of his deli meat for lunch yesterday – needless to say, we are heading to the grocery store after work for a few things that we need by tomorrow. I’m excited about the trip, though, because I’ll also be buying my forbidden food! I am so, so excited about this challenge that Vani is doing – check it out!

My lunch was the last serving of the beef stroganoff, some steamed veggies….





yes….I got another smoothie!!! This is going to be a problem :)  The good thing? they’re a bit pricy so I can’t/won’t get one every day. It’s just so tasty and the weather is beautiful today and I just wanted a cold, fruity smoothie to drink at work!

Well…it’s back to work for me. I am hoping this afternoon flies by!

See you for dinner and the forbidden food reveal!


  1. Ahh, smoothies, summer . . . when will it get here!? My sweater & jacket today are KILLING me!

    Can’t wait to see what your FF is :-)

  2. I think thats such a fun challenge as well and it IS a challenge. Its so hard to get past that mindset.

    I keep wanting smoothies when I see yours…

  3. Can’t wait to see what your forbidden food is!

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