Welcome to the Weekend!

Well, we got here safely last night!

The work day dragggggged on – and whoever thought of having a 4-5 pm meeting on a Friday is crazy, but the meeting was good.  No pics from lunch – we ate during the conference so I had no chance to whip out my camera. We had some box lunches from heavenly ham: mine was a turkey sandwich on whole wheat with some of their amazing honey mustard, a few pretzels, and one of their cookies. Then….my boss took us to coldstone on the way back to the office! That almost made up for the fact that the Hokies lost their basketball game in the last couple seconds  :\  I had a raspberry sorbet mixed with raspberries and a little bit of sprinkles.  It was really good!

After 2 hours on the road (and editing a document while riding in the car), we got here and had an awesome dinner waiting for us. :)

Surf’n’Turf – grilled tenderloin and some crab cakes, roasted asparagus and a HUGE baked potato!


Since I also had a lunch meeting in Roanoke, Nick had to go get some lunch for himself and ended up buying me one of our favorite cookies – I almost ate the cookie in the car on the way here, but I wasn’t horribly hungry and I really wanted to enjoy my cookie.

After dinner, I broke into my cookie! I shared a few bites with my family, but I still probably ate 3/4 of it.  With a cup of coffee…it was the perfect way to end the day.


Breakfast is always a big to-do at the in-laws, which is great :)

This morning, we had some scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, plums, and some really good apple muffin that Nick’s mom made.


great way to start my day!

I’m drinking some coffee, and we’re about to have a meeting about our trip to Honduras this summer.


– Amish Market

– Shopping  :)

– Fun dinner with the girls since the boy have their “bike night” at the the motorcycle shop

It’s so nice to have all my family in one spot this weekend – everyone is here except my little sister.  Hi Tiff!  :)

See you later -enjoy your Saturday!!

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  1. Glad you made it safe & sound!!

    Mmm, lovin’ that cookie and homemade apple muffin.


  2. That cookie just made me stop for a minute… I want.

  3. Glad you made it ok!!! Seriously, 4 p.m. meeting on a Friday?? EW! Heavenly ham is fantastic though :)

  4. Glad you got there and are having a good time! Have fun today!

  5. Oh wow, so yummy!!!!!!

  6. you’re going to honduras?? so jealous!!

    enjoy your time with the fam and the in-laws. it’s definitely off to a great food-start :-P

  7. Brandi – Where are you going in Honduras? My coworker lived there for three years, and her husband is from there!

    • Hi Holly! :)

      We’ll be going to work at an orphanage outside of Tegucigalpa for a week. It’s about 20 miles outside of the capital, I think. If he has any suggestions of things to see or do, let me know – we may have a little free time! We’ll be working most of the week, but we’ll be able to do a few things for fun :)

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