Shopping is a Sport

Hellllooooo!   Any Seinfeld fans out there?    :)

Today has been so much fun!!!


I got lots of good stuff at the Amish Market – more oats, honey, nuts, some stuff for some ladies at work….and a couple of fun gifts for a blogger that I just couldn’t resist  :)


After shopping our hearts out at the Amish Market, we came home and ate some chili that Nick’s mom made for us.



This was the perfect meal today – it’s been really drab and rainy, so coming home to hot chili in the crockpot was just what I wanted.  Hers had ground turkey and bison, tomatoes, beans, hominy (which I love in chili!) and spices. I had a few little ciabatta bread chunks on the side for dipping.

After lunch, Nick’s dad took me to a new chocolate shop that just opened up here so we had to get some to try :)

I tried this Toasted Coconut truffle this afternoon and it was great. This was the dark chocolate toasted coconut truffle – the filling was so light!



Yeah….it was as good as it looked  ;) Crispy chocolate shell, silky smooth filling….and you can’t beat chocolate and coconut. Unless it’s chocolate and mint!



After some more shopping (duh!), us girls were on our own for dinner – the boys were going to “Big Bike Night” at the Honda shop for a dinner/unveiling of the new motorcycle, so we went to this little Italian place for some pizza.

I started with a Caesar Salad for some green today and my sister’s red onions. This salad was okay – but  it had way too many croutons and too much powdered parmesan cheese. I didn’t eat most of the cheese.



We ordered their special pizza, which was their version of a supreme. They have really good crust here – it’s not greasy, not too thick and not too thin – just perfect.



Picture this x 2!


We’re watching Iron Chef right now…..and I may be having some hot tea and some of the chocolates I got at the Amish market today. Don’t worry – I’ll have pictures of  them later :)

I’m not sure about the blogging schedule for tomorrow – we’ll be heading home at some point and I’ll have to get groceries, unpack, and all that fun stuff.


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    I’m totally mesmerized by the inside shot of that truffle – WOWZA!!

    Hooray for ‘Iron Chef’ – another great show!!

    Good luck with the trip home tomorrow!!

  2. Oh wow, chocolate looks delicious!!!! And mm pizza!!

  3. mmm, the toasted coconut on the truffle looks delicious. have a safe trip back tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your visit!

  4. Chocolate + mint is the BEST…Agreed!

    What a fun weekend with the in-laws. I love shopping for natural foods, especially baking spices at Amish markets. I wish I loved near one!

    That pizza does look perfect. Gosh I miss cheese.

    Safe travels back home tomorrow.

    PS Love Seinfeld :)

  5. The toasted coconut truffle? NOM NOM!! That looks so good. The chili looks awesome too. That’s one of my favorite things to have on a dreary day.

    I like Seinfeld, think it’s great, yadda yadda…

  6. Gorgeous eats, Bran!!

    I want to know what the secret gifts are!!!

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