Oats on top of oats? you bet  :) 

This is going to be quick! I’m eating, and then we have to pack the car and head to work.


These are those new bars I tried on Saturday – they’re really good! Each package has 2 little bars, and each package is only 100 calories.  I’d been looking at these things the past couple of times I was in Target, so I finally bought them last weekend. They also have an apple and almond flavor. This cranberry/pom is the perfect little combo – tart from the cran/pom, but a deep rich cocoa flavor with the chocolate dipped bottom of the bars.



What else was next besides trying them on oatmeal?



I love having 2 different textures of the oats in one bowl!

This had:

  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1 cup frozen mixed berries
  • LOTS of cinnamon
  • 1 Praeventia bar, crumbled


Add a cup of milk on the side, and that is a good way to start my Friday. At least I didn’t oversleep today!  :)


See you at lunch for the last Survivor Story and giveaway!!!


  1. OOOOOH luscious bar oats :-D


  2. Those bars look so good! And I love that you get 2 per package.

  3. I’ve never mixed granola with oats before but I’m sure the crunchy texture is probably great in oats.
    Hope you have a great friday!

  4. Good combo, for sure!

    What team are you supporting tonight? I work at a university, and we’re *this close* to going to the NCAA.

  5. mmmmm….I need to look for those bars!!

    Have a safe trip this weekend!

  6. I’ve sprinkled a bit of granola on my oats before, and I have to agree that the combo of textures is awesome. Plus… chocolate! :-) Your bowl looks awesome!

  7. Oooh delicious! I saw those bars at costco, but wasn’t sure about them

  8. perfect oatmeal topper!! i bet the chocolate got good and melty in there, too, mmmmm

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