The Neverending Tuesday


This day has been SO long! Because of my computer issues on Friday and Monday, I had tons and tons of work to catch up on today. Kept me busy, that’s for sure  :) I definitely was NOT bored at work today!

Lunch was nice – sorry I don’t have any pics! I had lunch with two of my coworkers since it was one of their birthdays today. I had a turkey, cheese, and lettuce sandwich on some really good fresh bread, some of the orange slices and grapes I brought, and one of Tina’s cookies, which were a big hit! We all loved them and they both want the recipe. Mmm…I wish I had brought more to work with me!


Dinner tonight is oh so fancy in my office. On paper plates. With our fork/knife/spoon contraptions that I love!

Leftover grilled chicken, beans, corn, and some slaw I made.


So swanky, right?  :) check out those awesome grill marks.

The slaw is just a mix of bag cole slaw mix, ff plain yogurt, ff buttermilk, about a Tbsp of the olive oil mayo, apple cider vinegar, whole  grain mustard, garlic powder, onion flakes, salt and pepper. Still creamy –  and no need for all that mayo.

We had group tonight, which is why we’re eating in my office. We don’t like eating in my office, but this is easier and cheaper than going out to eat, especially when we have food to pack.

Of course, after dinner, we needed something to do while waiting for group to start. Somehow we ended up getting these:


I had the kids size of the same smoothie I got last week – the Cran Strawberry. This size is only like 125 calories or something and it’s sooooo good. Get used to seeing these pictures, because I think I need to try every flavor now!

A couple of teasers for you!  :)

– I just finished prepping some of my lunch for tomorrow, and it includes my PB Sandwich Contest Entry! I can’t wait to try it tomorrow.

– I also had this waiting for me when I got home today – details tomorrow….



Does having lots of food at home keep you from going out to eat?

It’s always so tempting to go out to eat and have someone else make my meal for me, but I always feel kinda bad when we have a full fridge at home and go out to eat anyway! Plus, I know exactly what is going in my food when we make something at home, which I like. And it’s much cheaper to eat from home.


  1. Can’t wait to see what’s in the package!

    Yes – for the most part. I still go out to Panera too much out of the sake of convenience, but at least it’s not McDonalds…I do best when I plan, plan, plan.

  2. Can’t wait for the package unravelling! And oh my gosh, that is one cool contraption of the fork/spoon/knife!!

  3. Haha that is a funky eating utensil!

  4. BEYOND long day, indeed.

    Ooooh a package!

  5. yes, i’m a sucker for grocery shopping :)

    and it was a VERY long day/week!

    dinner looks fantastic!

  6. I wish I could say having lots of food at home kept me from eating out but it doesn’t. When I get it in my mind that I want to eat out, it is all I can think about until I do.

  7. What fun fork/spoon/knife I love it!
    For the most part having food keeps me eating at home, but on the weekends I find that I’m not home and eat lunch out both Saturday AND Sunday which does make me feel a little guilty knowing I have plenty of good food at home to eat.

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