Daylight Savings Breakfast

I don’t know whether it was the 1 less hour of sleep I got or the fact that I didn’t feel well last night, but I did not sleep well at all. Probably a combination of both – I would have liked if daylight savings had been a different weekend OR if we just didn’t have it all!

Good thing I’m having a good breakfast

Eggs and grits



A Cara Cara orange and a few strawberries – this orange looks like a grapefruit inside! It’s a beautiful shade of pink.



And some of this:



Not as a good as Kona, but I really like this flavor. We don’t have much of it left and Nick is not a fan, so I thought I should make some since he’s gone this weekend.


Any breakfast is a good breakfast when Bobby Flay is your guest!



Coming up today:

  • BSI Basil Entry *crossing my fingers it works*  :)
  • Update on the Bread Experiment

and I’m off – see ya for lunch!


  1. Not sleeping well last night seems to be the trend in blogland today.

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. It HAS to be the time-change, because I too slept poorly last night (and I NEVER get a poor night’s sleep). Hang in there!!

  3. Definitely the time change… i slept like garbage last night too. Glad your stomach is better!

  4. I don’t see the point of the time change either. My little bro lives in AZ and they don’t do it there!

  5. It seems as though everyone I’ve talked to so far today has slept terribly. Darn you, Daylight Saving! I was just going to say the same things as Becca A: my family is in AZ and they don’t do it. So now I have a 2-hour difference from them!

    Great breakfast – I’m looking forward to your BSI entry and BREAD!!!!

  6. Absolutely love love love the fruity bowl. Sorry about last night though, hope everything falls into place soon!

  7. I feel ya on losing the hour, I feel like the day is just flying by!

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