Resuming Busyness in 3, 2,…

AHHHH!!! I feel like this is the first time I have stopped moving all day!

Weigh in? Done and sent.

Groceries? Done.

Bang trim? Done.

Then, lunch.

Some baked tostitos



And a BIG taco salad



  • 1/2 cup fat free refried beans
  • 1/2 cup of the leftover rice from last night (with beans, salsa, pineapple)
  • 1 black bean burger
  • 2 cups lettuce
  • 1 tomato
  • 4 black olives

Bob’s birthday gift? Done.

While I was running around after lunch, I tried this new bar I got at Target. I forget the name, but I’ll try to get a picture of the package next time.



This was the Cranberry Pomegranate flavor, and each little pack has 2 mini granola bars like this one. The chocolate was dark, which went really well with the tart cranberry/pom flavors.


And… I’m off again  :)  I’m going to have dinner at a friends house and I’m not sure when I’ll be back!

Hope you’re enjoying your day – it sure is beautiful. I have not had more than a 20 minute break today, so no run for me, but I will be running tomorrow!


  1. The taco salad looks so good!

    The granola bar sounds yummy!

  2. Whew!! Make sure you make time to breathe, girl!! :-D

  3. Oh wow, simply delicious!!! Enjoy the rest of your busy day!

  4. The bar sounds like it has some good flavors! Enjoy your dinner!

  5. It sounds like you are having a great weekend!!

    I love taco salads. I make them pretty often when I’m craving something Mexican but trying to eat my veggies! Yours looks great. :-)

  6. great job on your to-do list. checking things off is the best feeling.

    have fun tonight!

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