Missing Dinner, Present Breakfast

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Glad you guys like the truffle pictures! It was almost as fun taking those pictures as it was eating the truffles :)

Group last night was great  – I’m really enjoying getting to know our little group better each week.

Since we had group, we just ate dinner in my office, which was leftovers of my Mexi-Chicken Soup from Sunday night. I somehow forgot to take a picture(?), so here’s the post from the other day if you want to see it – just imagine it without the tortilla “chips”.

Instead of a tortilla, I tried some of these baked kettle chips! I just got the lightly salted flavor, but they have them in 3 other flavors, too, and they all sound great.


I got a coupon through WW to try a bag of these for free, and I actually found them this weekend. I had seen Jason talking about these and have been looking them ever since. I really liked them – they were salty but not too salty. The perfect complement to my spicy soup!

Before heading to group, I finally tried one of the new Tea Lattes from Starbucks – sorry it’s a bit blurry, the car was moving  :)


I got the London Fog, which was a black tea, and got fat free milk and no sweetener. It was good, but it just reminded me that I should steep my tea in milk more often myself. It would cost much less than $3 at home! I love Chai tea steeped in milk, but I had never thought to do black tea.

Breakfast HAD to be eggs since I saw them on Beadie’s and Caitlin’s posts  :)  Seriously  – there is just something about runny egg yolks!


Plus fruit! Kiwi, strawberries, raspberries


and Angela and Joe & Betsy – you should be proud of me!


My first Green Monster!


It’s good, but not very sweet – I know it’s not really supposed to be, though. Not what I expected, but good! I’m looking forward to making more and trying out different ingredients.

I also got up today and did the 20 minute Morning Flow yogadownload – man, I had never done wheel before! It was a great way to wake up for the day.

Happy Humpday! See ya for lunch  :)


  1. I don’t like cooked egg yolks at all either!

  2. Glad that group went well!!

    Looove all the fruit.

    Hooray for wheel pose!! :-D

    Happy Wednesday!!

  3. Love the kettle chips! Mmmm\
    And the fruits are sooo colorful!

  4. Ooooh!!! Gorgeous fruit!

    I’ve been inspired to make my own tea lattes at home since Starbucks started offering theirs. I don’t know why I haven’t been doing that all along. I went overboard and bought way too much loose black tea sometime back, so I think I’ve decided to drink tea in the mornings (in latte fashion) instead of my usual coffee until I’ve made a dent in the surplus. So far– I’m loving it!

    Happy humpday to you too!

  5. I love all that colorful fruit!!
    have a great day :-)

  6. Your breakfast looks so good! I’ve never had a green smoothie before — can you taste the greens?

    • Not at all, actually! It definitely made it a green color, but mine tasted like a banana and POM smoothie!

  7. I never like runny yolks until recently, now I can’t get enough, you make my mouth water with your eggs!

  8. Oh my gosh, I love runny egg yolks too – so good on toast. That is what I was craving for breakfast today, and so that’s what I ate. Yum!

    Hooray for Wheel – it is a great way to start the day!

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