Frozen Dinner

Ah…’s so nice to be home, in my pajamas, and blogging  :)

Back to lunch!

I had a fat free refried bean/cheese/hot sauce wrap



A salad with tomato and a few black olives



and a REALLY juicy orange 



Work was work – I’ve been in a little bit of a funk since yesterday. Remember that presentation I had to give a few weeks ago? Well, it was for a job interview (the second one, actually) and I found out yesterday that I didn’t get the job. I know that means there’s probably something better out there, but it just felt like this was it. I also know I’m lucky just to have a job in this crazy country right now, so I’m trying to be thankful more than anything else.

I was starving at work this afternoon! So happy I brought this little beauty to try  :)



Thanks again Eliza!  This was one of the gifts in my Secret Blogger Cupid package…I guess I’ve kinda been hoarding everything because I don’t want them to be gone! 

I loved this Apple Pie flavor! I hadn’t tried this one yet, and the apples and cinnamon in it were amazing. This was a great snack to have before BodyPump.  Tonight’s class was crazy….the lady we had was very hyper and loud and intense, and it was the new version of the BodyPump so we had all new songs, patterns, etc. It was really good – I already know I’m going to be sore :) Good thing I’m doing the yoga challenge – I know I’ll need it after this class!

VT is playing UNC tonight and the game has been awesome so far! Since we got home right after the game started, I pulled out a frozen dinner for tonight – a homemade one.

I heated up 2 servings of leftover wheatberry casserole that I froze a few weeks ago, and had some steamed beans on the side.



Good, quick dinner – and I know everything that’s in it!

Of course….I had to try one of my Q.Bel bars tonight – I was so excited to try one!



Just look at the insdie of this thing!



Perfect, I think. This really reminded me of a much better Little Debbie Nutty Bar – the milk chocolate, creamy pb, and crispy wafer was the perfect combination.

I’m off to finish watching the game, and then watch LOST!!! I hope you’re watching  :)

*popcorn may happen during LOST. I’m still pretty hungry*


  1. Can I say I was insanely jealous of your win of these chocolates!

  2. So sorry about the interview :-( Stay positive/strong!!

    Hooray for Larabars!! :-)

    Little Debbie Nutty Bar = nostalgia alert!!

  3. I haven’t tried any of the PB Q.Bels, I’ve just been attacking the dark chocolate ones. But Joe LOVES the PB ones, glad to hear you do too. :)

  4. ooooh that qbel looks good!

    i’m sorry to hear about the job disappointment :-/. you’re doing great looking at the bright side, but i know it’s still a bummer! keep plugging away — like you said, something better is going to come along.

  5. Sorry to hear about the job. There will be something better out there! Don’t worry!!!

    And love your eats! =D

  6. (((HUGS))) Sorry to hear about that job interview :( Something will come along!

    Those chocolate pb roll thing looks AMAZING!

  7. As a popcorn obsessed blogger, I sincerly hope you DID go back for popcorn during Lost and that it improved your day!

  8. As a popcorn obsessed blogger, I sincerly hope you DID go back for popcorn during Lost and that it improved your day!!

  9. glad you like the apple pie lara! its definitely one of my favorites!

  10. Those little chocolate PB rolls look awesome!! Little Debbie Nutty Bars were a favorite around my house growing up. We used to put some in my mother’s Christmas stocking every year. :-)

  11. Peeeaaaannut bbbutter :) MMMMMMMMM

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