Irish Coffee Truffle

That’s right.

Nick and I finished the truffles from my Chocolate Spike Valentine’s Day box and this was one that we had left to sample.


This one is described as “milk chocolate, espresso beans, brandy, and coffee flavorings dipped in dark chocolate or rolled in vanilla powder, espresso bean powder and cocoa.”

This one, like all the others I’ve tried, was wonderful.

You could taste the coffee flavor, but it wasn’t too strong and didn’t overpower the chocolate.


Look at that ganache! So smooth and creamy.

I would definitely get this one again. Of course, I would get anything from there again  :)


  1. All those truffles have looked and sounded so fabulous. I can’t wait to learn how to make them.

  2. Seriously, you should preface these chocolate posts with “FOOD PORN WARNING”!!!!

  3. oh wow. beautiful =) this looks AMAZING!

  4. too much drooling; not allowed!

  5. wowowoowowowowowowowow! thank you for sharing this with us! what a treat to even LOOK at. have a great tuesday!

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