The Bread Experiment

Nick and I have been talking about doing this on the blog for a while.

I honestly have no clue what is going to happen, but it should be fun to find out!

One of my baking projects this past weekend was making some whole wheat bread for us to have this week.

I used this recipe, but made a change that I probably shouldn’t have  :)

It looked like SO much dough when it was rising that I split it into 2 loaf pans instead of just baking in one. It still turned out delicious, but it’s not really “sandwich size” bread. Oh well – now I know for next time, I guess.


So what is the experiment, you ask?

We’re putting this up against the bread we normally buy to see which one goes bad first and how long each lasts, period.

Do you ever wonder why it takes some store bought bread so long to go bad? Some brands are fine, but we’ve had some that have “looked fine” much longer than they should have  :)


Here’s one of the bread brands we usually buy and its ingredients:



Not really bad, but not as good as homemade.

So I made the bread on Sunday and we bought this loaf on Sunday.

I put one slice of each in a ziploc bag and have them on the counter so we can watch the progress – these pictures are from Day 2 (Tuesday night).


I looked at them both this morning and they both still look the same, so no new pictures yet.

I’ll be updating the progress as things change – this should be fun. It’s like a science project without a grade!

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Have you ever done any food experiments at home just for fun?


  1. I am interested to see how long the homemade bread lasts!

    Usually it doesn’t last long enough in my house to see!

    Love the blog roll! :D

    • Me too! It made two loaves and there’s only 2 of us, so we still have a good amount. I think it would have gone faster if I made just one big loaf since it would be large enough slices for a sandwich. Next time! :)

  2. Fun! I look forward to the results!

  3. Cool idea. I’m interested to see the results.

    I’ve played around and made the same cookie recipe but made one low-fat, things like that.

    • We’ve started doing that with cookies, too – we love cookies, so Nick suggested finding/making healthier ones :)

  4. hahaha, i love this project!! (and every time i cook, it is an experiment just for fun. i have become completely incapable of following a recipe!)

  5. Interesting experiment – I’m anxious to see which slice goes bad first.

    The same thing happened with my bread when it was rising. It looked huge, and I was afraid it would spill over while cooking, but it didn’t. At least you 2 loafs of homemade love instead of just 1. :)

  6. OH i’m very interested to see the results!!! Sometimes we end up with inadvertent science experiments in the fridge….ew.

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