Painted Decisions

Picking a color to paint our dressers has been so tough! We both decided on one color we really liked, bought it, and Nick painted most of the nightstand with it. Too bad neither one of us liked it once it was on the nightstand  :(  So, we’ve tried 3 other colors this weekend, but I think we’ve finally decided – at least for now  :) 


It’s still snowing here a little bit – it’s been flurry-ing (is that a word?) off and on all day. All the snow that was on the ground this morning is already melted, though. I’m not surprised.


Nick and I decided on our favorite place for a Sunday lunch – and it was so good.


I had my usual at the New River Grille– the buffalo burger and onion rings.



And right now I’m drinking a big glass of chocolate milk. I didn’t have much milk yesterday and haven’t had much yet today so I decided I needed a big, chocolatey cup.





One baking project is still in the works! I think it’s going well so far, but we’ve still got a few hours to go to see if we get the end result we want :)


Thanks for all the notes on my guest post today!  I appreciate it – I have to echo others in saying that this blogging community is amazing, and I’m proud and thrilled to be a part of it. I wish we all lived closer!!!


  1. I’m excited to see your baking project!

  2. Aww I’m sorry the painting project is so frustrating. I’m sure it’ll come together for ya!

    Can’t wait to see the exciting baking project! :)

  3. love your post on beadie’s blog! and this baking project sounds so elaborate — i can’t wait to see what it is …

    and now i want to know what your final nightstand/dresser color is. i need resolution on it, too, haha. is that weird?

  4. I always have issues choosing colors too – hang in there!!

  5. OH i can’t wait to see the baking project!!

  6. Oh yes to the chocolate! Good luck with the baking project!

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