Pizza Night Revisited

Well, I didn’t get everything on my list done today, but I finished most of it! Almost all the laundry is done, I finished one baking project (you’ll see later) and started another one, and we got to go running.

I think one reason I keep getting cramps is I just don’t run enough so I haven’t gotten past that point. I hope to start running more as the weather gets nicer, and maybe the cramps will give me a break!


Since I only used 1/2 the pizza dough last night, I knew I needed to use the other half for dinner tonight. This pizza wasn’t nearly as interesting looking as last night’s, but it was still good!



Nick’s half had sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms and cheese.

Mine had sauce, ham, mushrooms and cheese.





Plus a salad! An almost carbon copy of dinner last night  :)



I’ll be unveiling one of my baking projects tomorrow – I’m excited! I hope it turns out  :)


What’s your favorite thing to bake? Or do you hate baking?  :)


– BSI recipes due tomorrow to Beadie!

Oh, She Glows Fit Gear Contest ends tomorrow! Get your entry in!


  1. I love to bake and am glad its going to be my career (in a few years). There is something really comforting about making simple brownies or cookies and I love the whole raising process of yeast breads…usually it comes down to what seems the most appealing to make that day though!

  2. Visit my recent blog post to answer your question :-D

  3. I love baking… too bad that if I bake, I either have to give away each and every one of the product, or it all gets eaten! I may endeavor into multi-grain bread soon though.

    Great pizza!

  4. Well I make pizza EVERY Friday night – yours looks so good!

    I have just gotten back to baking bread from scratch – so simple and delicious!

    Tonights bread morphed into cheese bread and it was amazing.

    Hope you have a relaxing night!

  5. I love baking! I think I actually like it better than regular meal cooking. I like how everything needs to be measured out exactly. Less room for interpretation. Haha yes I’m weird like that!
    I think my favorite thing to make is cookies, cupcakes, or bread.

  6. I want pizza please.
    I’m horrible at baking, but I like to bake cookies. =D

  7. I like to bake brownies :) but I also like to bake muffins!

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