Love Buzz

I’d like to introduce you to our new coffee we picked up yesterday.

This is Love Buzz



Look how oily those beans are! This stuff made the best cup of coffee – one of my favorites. Nick made us each a cup of French Press to have with breakfast today and it was really good. Better than Kona? Probably not, but it’s close!




(Can you see Ellie Kreiger’s head in my FoodNetwork mug?)


We picked up some bacon this week with the groceries, so we made bacon, eggs, and fruit salads for breakfasts. I love making breakfast on the weekends with Nick – we can be as fancy or lazy as we want and it feels like we have all the time in the world.





And I had grits with my eggs, as usual. I just like to have something under the eggs so I don’t miss any of the runny yolks!




We don’t really have plans for today, so I don’t know what we’ll end up doing.


What about you? Any fun weekend plans?

If you’re reading this weekend – Hi Mom, Dad, Mammaw, Melissa, Tiff, Judy and fam, Marlowe, and Kat!!!


  1. Yes!! I see Ellie Kreiger!! :-D

  2. I don’t like to miss any runny yolk either!

  3. Mmm breakfast looks good. You’ve got me craving coffee now!

  4. That coffee cup is beautiful. Where did you get it ?

    • Hi everyone! :)

      I got it from Kohl’s – they sell a FoodNetwork line of dishes and this is one the mugs they had

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